10 ways to organize a company’s birthday celebration

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
10 ways to organize a company’s birthday celebration

Traditions are very useful for the stability of the company, and, therefore, its birthday is not just a fun event, but also an action that can strengthen corporate ties.

The purpose of organizing

This is a great occasion to show partners that the company is growing and developing, to encourage and praise employees, as well as demonstrate your clients your biggest achievements over the past years. This is an opportunity to show imagination because the company’s birthday is only once a year, so make sure the day is memorable. 

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Do not ignore the purpose of the event. Thus, your colleagues will not only relax and change the working environment but will also bring out a lot of useful things for themselves. If you decide to entrust the organization to professionals, be sure to pay attention to the discussion of goals.

The organization of any holiday takes more than one day. Before everyone finally relaxes and plunges headlong into the celebration, there is a lot of work to be done. Inattention to organizational details can greatly complicate the process. Therefore, write down each item, starting from the budget to the transportation of all participants to the venue. This will help to see the required amount of work and simplify the organization process.

Do not ignore the preferences of your employees. You always need to consider their tastes, the average age of the team, the relationship among your colleagues. When planning an event, it is worth remembering that each guest should feel comfortable.

Organization Algorithm

If you decide to organize the event yourself, you can take note of the following algorithm:

  • selecting birthday format;
  • budgeting;
  • planning;
  • script writing;
  • event organization;
  • birthday party.

No need to ignore the preparation process. Having made a plan, it will be easier for you to estimate the amount of work and take into account the smallest details.

Popular birthday formats

Let’s have a look at 10 ways to organize a company’s birthday. 

1. A trip to a new country

Impressions and lively emotions from seeing and visiting interesting places are priceless. The participants will be united by a trip along the streets of the new city, new sounds, and tastes, as well as the spirit of adventure. This kind of experience will allow you to spend time together and find common interests.

2. Themed party

For those who love something more creative and unusual, you can offer the organization of a themed party, from the classic “Black Tie” to something more informal like “Harry Potter” or “Addams Family”. The atmosphere, music, costumes, and make-up will be a great addition to a good mood and a pleasant company.

Halloween party

3. Quest room

One of the options for holding the company’s birthday can be a visit to the quest-room, which will be the key to an exciting day, and will also be a great way to build interpersonal relationships outside the office and positively affect the working environment.

4. Movie night with cheesy popcorn

It is an ideal option for lovers of cinema and popcorn. Everyone will love the idea of gathering together and enjoying their favorite films with cool people and incomparably divine popcorn.

5. Master Class

Based on the desires and preferences of your colleagues, this can be a culinary or creative master class: in graphics, mosaics, pottery or painting. Spending the day together, learning something new and getting to know each other better will be of great help to your colleagues. 

6. Themed photo-shoot

This is a great idea to celebrate the company’s birthday because memorable photos will bring pleasant emotions even after many years. It can be a photo shoot in a nice location, with its mood, props, and costumes, which will cheer you up and offer unforgettable memories.

Field day celebration

7. Hiking expedition or ski tour

Being a team means working together to achieve common goals. But the working environment is not enough to get close with colleagues, that’s why various trips, hiking expeditions, and tours will be a great gift for employees to get to know each other better.

8. Day at Jump Park

For fans of the most active pastime — Jump Park will be a great idea and a way to change the atmosphere and have fun with the whole team.

9. Ice rink party

Imagine an atmospheric party with a popular DJ, where everyone is dancing, relaxing and having a great time, not just indoors, but on the ice rink. If your company’s employees are young, driven and not against crazy ideas and creative solutions, this is exactly what you need.

10. For fresh air lovers 

Sometimes, in order to have a good time, a pleasant company is enough, so a trip to the countryside, to the forest or to a river to have a picnic and distract yourself will be a great idea. Such a day will unite your team and allow you to relax and get to know each other in an informal setting.

There are so many ideas, yet only one solution to have an amazing event — trust all the organizational details to the Lioncom event agency. We will organize a turnkey event and promise that you will have an amazing day. Lioncom knows how to organize a great event, you just need to gather your team and enjoy it.