6 tips for participating in Color Run



Колор-ран з New Balance

Thinking about participating in Color Run this year, but don’t know how to prepare? Lioncom will share a few useful advice in order for you to be ready for the run.

Color Run is an entertaining race that takes place in 35 countries. It has been held in Ukraine since 2014, and every year more and more people are joining. This year, the organizers plan to attract and bring together over 3,000 people.

The main rule of Color Run is to enjoy the process. There are no winners here, people are just having fun.

When you buy an event pack, you get a starter kit that includes a participant number, a white T-shirt, water and juice at the finish, souvenirs from partners, as well as the opportunity to use cameras to store things.

Let’s take a look at some tips to help your Color Run succeed.


Choose comfortable white clothes, it will perfectly emphasize the juiciness of the colors that you will collect during the race. Holly paints do not always wash off the first time, so put on clothes that you are not scared to color. The goal of Color Run is to become as bright as possible.

If you want to stand out from the race participants, add different flash tattoos, colorful accessories, ribbons. Unleash your creativity on Color Run.


Chances are, even if you are very careful, you will get dirty. After the run, you will need to change clothes.

If you do not want to color everyone on the way home, put on a raincoat — this will save people from unnecessary paint.

But if you decide to go for a walk, bring along an extra set of clothes to change. And do not forget napkins to eliminate excess paint.


If you are traveling by taxi or car, bring a towel to protect your seat, especially if it is made of cloth in the cabin. Make sure to use the old towels, as they will also be colored.

When you get home, throw the colored things into the washing machine.


Taking pictures before and after will show you how colorful you are and will leave great memories. Due to the fact that the dust particles in Holly paints are very small, they are dangerous for the devices. So use protection cases or pack your phones in clear plastic cases.


It is fun to immerse yourself in Holly paints, but it is advisable to protect your eyes from dust. Wear sunglasses to avoid irritation and protect your eyes from the bright sun.


Do not go to Color Run alone. Gather your friends, family or children. Color Run is a great way to spend a weekend in the company of relatives and make new acquaintances.

Color Run is an exciting race that is visited by people of all ages and you do not have to be a professional runner. Follow our tips and your Color Run will be bright and unforgettable.