8th March for our girls

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

They say if a girl is an event coordinator, on the 8th of March it will be enough to feed her, put her to bed and she will be the happiest. But it is not how Lioncom female event coordinators spend this day.

March 8 is always a busy day for the event coordinators when they need to create beauty and spring mood for all of the visitors to shops and shopping centers. Beauty zones for girls, master classes for children, gifts and much more. On the evening of March 8, they happily exhale and go to bed.

The holiday was over and it was the usual working day on March 10th. Our girls were going to work and were ready to prepare new projects. However, someone had completely different plans for that morning.

Our caring guys arrived at the office by 7 a.m. and prepared an unforgettable morning for us. Each girl at the entrance was given a bouquet of tulips by our handsome Vitalik. Caring Danil helped with outerwear, and the insanely gallant Alexei treated the girls with champagne and all sorts of yummy goodies. Charming Zachary was responsible for the musical accompaniment and our indispensable Yurii for the video. But that was not all. Each girl received an amazing gift. The boys gave us certificates in the world of beauty. Now each of us will be able to pamper ourselves with a new manicure or a stylish haircut.

Regardless of having the 8th of March a little later, it was exactly a holiday that every girl dreams of. Thanks to our beloved boys! You are the best!