We answer the question: - What area are we from? - Why are we so confident?

LIONCOM - the largest specialized event agency in Ukraine.

For many years, we have been developing the skills of organizing holidays in the retail industry.

The target audience of the company - leading national and regional players in the retail market, manufacturers of consumer goods, distributors and representative offices of international companies.

We organize grand openings, fairs, festivals, prize draws, flash mobs, sales, themed holidays and presentations of new collections.

For each project, we have trained teams in most cities in the country. That is why we can provide full coverage and simultaneous organization of dozens of events.

Each event is done on a turnkey basis, which means that the client only needs to approve the assignment and enjoy the work.

Agency staff are always polite and courteous to the customers and even with the most "difficult" buyer the agency coordinator will quickly find a common language and resolve any dissatisfaction.

If you are familiar with any of our clients, ask how many negative reviews there were on projects where Lioncom worked.

Company's mission:

Developing our clients' business 
to create a new quality of life in society.

Company's Goal:

  • To increase the efficiency of our clients' business by providing professional marketing services.
  • To create conditions and realize opportunities for career and personal growth of employees of the company.
  • To develop partnerships with leading Ukrainian marketing and advertising professionals.

Perfection - in practice!

Project statistics shows that on average, every day of the year, we have an opening or other special events in different corners of our homeland. This means that we are able to do our job in a really skillful and good way!