History of the Event Agency


Our story began on May 24, 2007 in the city of Dnipro, when LIONCOM was registered.

Specialization of the agency until the opening: provision of services in the BTL sector.


The first logo: Lioncom - a discovery agency

The first version of the company logo. 2007-2008



Nobody remembers exactly why Lioncom. Unfortunately, in the early chronicles of history, we were never able to find the "drafts" of naming our own company :-). We are very sad about this, so soon we will come up with a business story with "evidence" of how thorny was the way to search for a name or, conversely, as once, a single ray of light, breaking through the grey February sky, lit the box with the video tape "The Lion King ”, And it was at this moment that the idea of ​​the company name was born.

It is well known that the first mention of the company dates from April 14, 2007, when a captive entry appeared in the email "Lion Communications Group Ukraine".

Since then, we have the full responsibility of the proud name: LIONCOM. Every time we work on a project, we try to match our almost "King Levsky" origin. That's how we live!



These were the most important years in the history of becoming a company.
It was during this time that we went through the ups and downs, made mistakes and filled the buzz, found and lost customers - doing everything we could to get better and "find ourselves" in a huge advertising market.

The company has positioned itself as a full-service BTL nationwide agency. In the meantime, we have managed to work with such well-known companies as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Samsung, HTC, Sandora, Miroplast, Jubilee, Yatran and Favorite + meat factories, ATB-Market, RUSH and many others.

We have provided promotional work everywhere in the country - in every settlement in Ukraine. For this purpose, a huge base of promoters and supervisors was created in each of the 24 regional centers. Large and small flyer projects, tasting events, prize draws, holiday events, market research and purchasing ideas, staff search programs, and openings across the country have tempered the agency team and taught us to be "up to the mark".


Company Head Office Moving History:
2007 - Dnipro, Kotsyubinsky Street, 12
2008 - Dnipro, Zhukovsky Street, 7a
2009 - Dnipro, Komsomolskaya Street, 35
2010-2011 - Dnipro, str. Kazakova, 4a
2012-2015 - Dnipro, Karl Marx Ave., 42
2015-2018 - Kyiv, str. Sheptytsky, 4a
2018-... - Kyiv, str. Konovalets, 32b