Balloons and clowns: how events “kill” sales — expert opinion for

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
how events kill sales

And what is needed to organize a “right event” for the client?

Neglecting events kills sales. The fact is that often the organizers of grand store openings do not fully understand what kind of goal the customer is pursuing. The director of the event agency Lioncom Anton Sadykov, on his own experience, explains what needs to be taken into account so that the event justifies the money spent and the expectations assigned to it.

Let’s remember how everything works in practice. You open a new shop, and you need to attract as many buyers as possible. If you want to create a positive reputation for yourself, familiarize your guests with the products and convey to them all the advantages of the offered goods or services, the grand opening comes to the rescue. In your opinion, this is an ideal event where a huge number of guests gather, relax, have fun, and, as a result, spend money.


The organizer does not always think about your goals. As soon as it comes to the grand opening, the standard event does not work as your organizers have other priorities. They simply try to fulfill the prescribed points of the plan balloons, red carpet, etc.

The organizers, as a rule, do not delve into the questions of why is this necessary or how will certain activities at the opening work. Their goal is an event, yours is sales.

Therefore, referring to the agency, clearly discuss all the nuances. Otherwise, instead of attracting a large number of buyers, you will only throw money away. You need to speak up the main goal and expectations before the event and provide the agency with the results after. Our customers always share their feedback which helps us analyze the effectiveness of each position.

Interesting and useful content. Your events are in most cases aimed at selling. For you, as the host of the event, this is not just an event for the sake of an event, it is an event for sales. And your organizer should understand this. A special art is to skillfully organize an event where everyone benefits from it. The client will earn money, and guests will plunge into the atmosphere of unbridled fun.

But in order to achieve the set result, you need not only attract the maximum number of visitors to the store but also encourage them to make a purchase, and return again in the future.

Therefore, always discuss and analyze with the agency which content will be the most effective and interesting in your case. Multifunctional processes at a location are an integral part of a successful event.

Supervise the preparation process. Make sure that the organizer takes into account all the subtleties. For example, most often on weekends, people go shopping with family or friends, so activities should be for every taste and age. Do not forget about master classes for young visitors.

Satisfied children happy parents. While the children have fun, parents automatically have more time to familiarize themselves with the assortment of goods.

Any event is always better with animators cartoon characters, mimes, etc. But do not invite everyone at once. It will all depend on the location, the number of potential visitors, local traditions, and trends in general. But one way or another, the presence of these heroes creates a pleasant and laid-back event atmosphere.

Organize a thematic photo zone. Guests like to take photos, post the best shots on social networks, write reviews, and comment. Their friends, relatives, or acquaintances can easily join the general festivities with the help of marked geolocation. As a result, additional customer traffic is created directly on the day of the grand opening.

In addition, a great way to encourage guests to make a purchase is arranging a prize draw. The main thing is to approach it responsibly, the whole procedure should be simple, understandable and transparent.

Watch how agency representatives behave on location. Evaluate how much they are on your side and whether they are trying to help achieve your specific goal. Ideally, a good organizer hands out clear assignments to employees in advance. From my own experience I can say: we came from promo to the events, where every promo hour had clear KPIs.

But what about sales? Of course, sales are the main and only goal. If people do not buy today, they will come for it tomorrow. Therefore, even with those who are not ready to buy right away, it is necessary to create a positive experience of showcasing the brand.

Find an organizer who thinks in the same direction with you and there will always be an effective filling during your event.