Buffet vs Banquet

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

When it comes to organizing a corporate party, you need to consider many details. One of the most important ones is choosing catering, or to be more precise, its format. The organizers of the event should decide whether it will be a buffet or a banquet.

What is a buffet?

The buffet reception involves a so-called self-service, where participants can choose their own snacks and drinks. This format is well-suited for conferences and presentations, where there is no time for long feasts and all attention should be paid to the information presented by the speaker.

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The buffet table is an all-purpose format, it is well-suited for small events that involve only a coffee break with snacks. It can be organized in the office, outdoors, at home or outside the city. The menu can always be thought out and compiled taking into account the wishes of the whole company. The most important advantage is the freedom of communication because guests can move around and communicate with each other.

What is a banquet?

The banquet has a specific seating for guests, depending on the interests or relationships between them. At the banquet, there is always a certain menu, consisting of cold appetizers, drinks, main dishes, and desserts. The food is presented according to a certain timing, which is tied to the main program of the event.

At the banquet, table decoration plays a very important role, which helps to emphasize the main style of the event. The decor usually has small elements like floral arrangements, guest nameplates, unusual napkin rings or multi-colored tablecloths.

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The banquet is intended for special occasions and its organization is more labor-intensive. It is a bit of a challenge to make an outdoor banquet due to the complexity of the delivery of equipment, tables, utensils or a lack of space at the location to accommodate all guests.

What to consider when choosing a catering format?

In order to determine the right format, you need to consider several key points.

Firstly, the number of guests and the location where the event will take place. If it is not possible to accommodate all guests with banquet seating, a buffet reception will come as an option. It can be arranged for a large number of people having a relatively small space.

Secondly, the reason for organizing the event. If this is a conference, then a banquet will be absolutely inappropriate. At the same time, a wedding or a corporate event will require banquet seating.

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Thirdly, think about how appropriate it will be to have everyone sitting for the whole evening. If there is a show program where all the guests will be sitting, go for the banquet. If you plan to have a party where guests will move and dance a lot, a buffet will be a great option.

And last but not least, your budget. Usually a banquet is more expensive than a buffet, as you will require services of waiters, more dishes and a more complicated and diverse menu.

When you have decided which format suits you most, you can proceed to the selection of a catering company. If you are thinking of entrusting the professionals, Lioncom event agency is always at your service. We will select catering and help you decide on the format. But what’s more, we will organize your event on a “turnkey” basis and take care of everything so you can fully enjoy the day.