8th of March in Kyiv’s shopping centers




What do you associate spring with? For us, it is a beautiful woman, pleasant, warm smiles and dear friends. During this time of the year, each girl wants to look perfect.

On the day of an amazing spring holiday – International Women’s Day, the shopping and entertainment centers of the city, such as Rive Gauche, Komod and Aeromall, decided to remind ladies that each of them is special and beautiful. The Lioncom team helped to create a magical atmosphere of coziness and beauty for the beloved girls. We decided to change the scenario of a familiar women’s day by adding more smiles and joy to their lives and remind each woman that she is special.

Imagine, you are running to the supermarket for groceries, thinking about how many things you still need to do: to greet mom and sister, buy a gift for a friend, and come up with a menu for dinner. Your daughter takes your hand and says: “Mom, look how beautiful the pigtail that girl has! There’s also a butterfly on her face! I also want one!” You can’t ignore the request of your beloved daughter so you are hastily looking where you can do it. Suddenly you notice that there is a real paradise for every girl around you. The next moment, the daughter is already enjoying her new braids while you are offered to do your hair and makeup, experiment with the shape of the eyebrows and find out a few beauty secrets.

We made sure that every woman felt incredibly beautiful, full of energy and strength on that day.

In addition to such pleasant surprises, each shopping center, together with partner stores, took care of a large number of gifts. Each girl that day was greeted with flowers and balloons by a charming man on the entrance. Moreover, our team prepared an incredible photo zone, invited professional photographers and made sure that you can immediately take a photo with you.

On that day, our entire team worked hard to please every woman in different parts of Ukraine, and we are absolutely sure that we succeeded! The greatest joy for us is the sincere smiles of those around us, and the real recognition is when people look forward to our events and joyfully return again and again. We value each of our guests and work to ensure that each time we give you only the brightest and most joyful emotions.