An incredible corporate party for APK-Invest



Новорічний корпоратив

The end of 2019 was marked by an unforgettable corporate event in the city of Dnipro for our client APK-Invest.

December 21, 2019 at the Sultan restaurant was really fun. Lioncom team organized a party with a cool host, cover-band, mirror animators and dancers.

The bright photo zone allowed the guests to take many photos that were immediately transferred to the photo mosaic of the company logo. The guests really liked this idea, because everyone could take part in creating an unusual installation.

During the evening, the guests were entertained by a skilled young man, collecting the Rubik’s Cube on speed and blindfolded. Each guest could join the game and help the guy. In the end, he created the company logo from all the collected Cubes. It turned out to be very impressive.

The musical accompaniment was really up to par. Incendiary cover-band set the mood, and the highlight of the evening was the performance of MamaRika. That’s who really surprised and pleased the guests.

Overall, it was loud, fun and incredibly cool. Lioncom rocked the corporate party at 100%.