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Let’s talk about Georgia. What is your first thought when it comes to this country? We are sure that Georgia represents something different for everyone. For someone it is mountains and plains, for others, it is sea and sun. And there are those who, first of all, think of incredibly delicious food and a cozy atmosphere. Georgia is a unique place where everyone will find something for them.

When we received a request from the Ministry of Tourism of Georgia, which implied a marketing campaign to attract as many Ukrainians as possible to this beautiful country, we were very inspired. The main objective of the project was to increase the recognition of the tourism brand of Georgia in Ukraine.

The main insight on which we relied was “Georgia is your friend.” When we thought about the name of the marketing campaign, it was important for us to convey this message and make sure that everyone who sees our ads and videos would understand what is being said. Our task was to reveal Georgia and show how much in common we have in our countries. The heroes of the project were people: the friendly owners of old restaurants and roadside cafes, sellers in souvenir shops and just residents of the city, who by the end of the trip would surely become your friends. This is how the name “Druzy.Ya” appeared – a kind of wordplay, which hides so much truth. Our slogan conveys the main insight that Georgia is you and your friends. It is the people you meet there, as well as your loved ones with whom you come to explore this amazing country.

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An interesting fact is that only in the Ukrainian language Georgia is consonant with our slogan “Druzy.Ya”. This once again proves how much in common between our countries and perfectly conveys the mood of the marketing campaign and its main message.
Thus, we created a project that was supposed to draw the attention of Ukrainians to the tourism brand of Georgia. Our developments in the marketing campaign included:

  • project logo;
  • visual identity;
  • quest trip throughout Georgia for famous influencers (which were supposed to show the most iconic and amazing places of the country);
  • media content plan;
  • scripts for commercials (which were planned to run in the most popular movie theaters of our country and social networks);
  • digital and outdoor advertising (where we wanted to show what Georgia is and why everyone should go there);
  • website (with all the necessary information about Georgia, its attractions, air tickets and places with the most delicious khinkali);
  • Georgian festival.

Billboard mockup near an escalator at a train station

We really wanted to share this project with you and be sure to invite to Georgia those, who have not been there, as well as those, who love her very much and are waiting for the next meeting. And although the situation in the world makes its own adjustments and sometimes forces us to postpone such wonderful projects, as well as long-awaited travels, we do not lose heart and continue to work hard.

After all, we not only organize events but also provide marketing consulting services. We do not just carry out the work on your brief, but we are ready to plan and implement strategies, collaborations, and various campaigns together with your brand.

Our mission is to develop your business!