For what are we grateful to 2019?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Anton Sadykov, Marina Sadykova, Perkov Timur, Zhenkin Sergey, Voushn Julia, Chizh Irina, Rafalskaya Anna, Belokon Daniil, Shniruk Vitaliy, Ponamorev Diana, Povodenko Margarita, Serdyuk Zakharia, Serdyuk Ekaterina, Kostenko Maria, Studinsky Alexey

2019 was full of a lot of unforgettable achievements. The year was no exception and was full of events, new customers and bright memories.

We organized 1306 events! This is our personal record, which we are very proud of, but plan to beat it until the end of this year.

money prize certificate

At the end of 2019, we held an action in which together with our client “Nasha Ryaba” we gave away 1M and presented a lot of cool gifts to the participants.

We expanded our client base with Kyivstar, Prostor, Reserved, ARX, Kärcher, Sushiya, MC Bridge, Vivo, APK-INVEST and many others. We rocked more than one event with them and set the bar high for the new year.


We have opened a new direction in organizing corporate events and have already managed to hold some amazing parties for Foxtrot, APK-INVEST and the Federation of Lawyers of Ukraine.

As inveterate travelers, we could not sit still and in 2019 the whole team traveled Spain, Andorra, and France in a house on wheels. We were very inspired and are already planning our next trip.

 photo of the Lioncom team

Before the New Year, we finally fulfilled a long-held dream and created a cool merch with the Ukrainian brand Ohueno.

We grow, develop and continue to conquer the world. After all, nothing is impossible when Lioncom gets down to business.