History of the Lioncom event agency

15 years of rocking events!

For 15 years, our agency has been creating, organizing and inspiring. We are officially the most remarkable event agency in the Ukrainian (and not only) market. We embody the most insane ideas and dreams of our customers, creating unforgettable events. Lioncom is 12 years of crazy work, inexhaustible inspiration and great love for what we do.

2007 How did it all start?

Our story began on May 24, 2007 in the city of Dnipro, when LIONCOM was registered.

As for the name, no one really remembers why Lioncom. The first mention of the company dates from February 14, 2007, in the email signature — “Lion Communications Group Ukraine”. Since then, we proudly bear the name LIONCOM. Every time we work on a project, we try to match our almost “royal” origin. That’s how we live!

2007-2011 were the most important years in the history of the company. We experienced ups and downs, finding and losing clients, looking for ourselves and doing everything to become better. The company positioned itself as a Ukrainian full-cycle BTL agency. During those years, we managed to work with such well-known companies as Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Samsung, HTC, Sandora, Miroplast, “Yatran” meat processing plant, “Favorit” meat factory, ATB-Market, EVA and many others.

2012 Breakthrough year

2012 was a real breakthrough. We decided to bet on one of the agency’s services. This decision came of its own when, having won one of the April tenders, Lioncom became a regular partner of the largest ATB-MARKET trading network in providing services for the grand opening of new stores of the ATB network. In 2012, the company organized the opening of 122 ATB stores in 15 regions of Ukraine — a great sign of fate, right?

2013 Client network extension

In 2013, we expanded our customer network with large retailers. The opening marathon in December 2013 was the real test for the whole team which rallied us and helped to become much better. This video will allow you to get to know us more, as in 2013 we turned 6 years old.

2014 A record-holder year

We can confidently say that 2014 was our record year. Each of us did everything possible and impossible to achieve our common goals. It was in 2014 that Lioncom began to cooperate with many companies that were among the Top 200 largest companies in Ukraine (according to Forbes) — the leading retailers of the country in various sectors: FMCG, DIY, Home appliances and others. We organized the presentation of Samsung’s new flagship smartphone at all ALLO stores across Ukraine. In May we opened the first economic supermarket “Eco-market”. During 2014, we organized 202 openings and special events in 68 settlements in each of the 24 regions of Ukraine. We worked well and took the high bar!

2015 Moving to Kiev

In March 2015, we moved the company’s central office to Kiev. 2015 was also marked by significant growth of the company, expansion of the circle of customers, entry into the market of construction real estate and pharmaceuticals. In 2015, Ringoo, Novus, Watsons, TTT, Praktiker and many others appeared in the company’s customer base.

2016 Year of change and growth

2016 was a year of change and growth for us. We got new clients, expanded the team of specialists, our projects became larger. The changes were also reflected in the external manifestation — we updated the logo! Throughout our history, we had several attempts to create the perfect one, and, due to massive inspiration in 2016, we finally did it.

2017 10 years on the market

In 2017, we celebrated the company’s 10th anniversary and started working with 38 new clients such as Foxtrot, JYSK, 925 Silver, English Home, MIDA, Healthy & Happy and others. Since 2017, we have been organizing Field Days, VIP events and even more grand openings.

2018 New Records

2018 was a very busy year for us. We crossed the limit of 1,000 projects a year, breaking all our previous records. We became members of the Association of Ukrainian Businessmen and the International Association of Marketing Initiatives (IAMI). We attended lectures on marketing and PR-management, took part in event market research, got acquainted with top speakers in our sphere. According to the IAMI survey in 2018, Lioncom took place of honor in the ranking of marketing services agencies based on sales revenue, which we are proud of and promise to reach new heights every year.

We also visited the Canary Islands with the whole team, got inspired and energized for future events, and moved to a new office in Pechersk with an incredible circular view of the whole Kiev. Our team keeps growing, now there are 23 of us, which means even more work and cool projects.

2019 More to come

2019 was no exception — full of events, grand openings and new clients. We organized 1306 events! Prostor, Reserved, ARX and more joined the Lioncom client network. We opened a new line of corporate events and toured Spain, Andorra and France with the entire team.
We improved in order to conquer the world of events again and again. A small comparison chart with the number of projects in the last 5 years will be the best confirmation for all the hard work. There is nothing impossible when it comes to Lioncom.

2020 Beginning of 2020

Sadykov Anton, Sadykova Marina, Serdyuk Zakhariy, Serdyuk Kateryna, Povodenko Margarita, Kostenko Maria, Ponomaryova Diana, Shnruk Vitaliy, Gubriy Eugene at the EIF Forum
The winter of 2020 has become truly special and unforgettable for us. We organized more than 100 events, including a few New Year’s parties and NEO PLAZA shopping mall opening in Dnipro. The whole team attended the 3rd International EIF 2020 Event Industry Forum which was an amazing experience. The year has just begun, and we’ve already done so much! There are still more to come: more cool events, grand openings, great trips and Lioncom-style activities.

This is just the beginning ...

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