How to choose a theme for a corporate party?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

Trends are changing and with them formats and themes of corporate parties. Now companies are trying to diversify such events, each time picking up new topics and unusual scenarios for their events. Various theme parties, team buildings, and entertaining quests are at the peak of popularity. Let’s look at the world of the event industry and learn how to choose a theme for the future corporate event that will appeal to the entire team.

Determining the purpose of the event

First of all, it is important to determine the purpose of the event, because any event should correspond to it. There are several reasons for corporate events:

  • unite the team;
  • reveal talents;
  • increase work efficiency;
  • improve relationships within the team;
  • relax and have some fun.

Therefore, the first step in choosing a topic for corporate parties is always setting goals. Having done this, it will be easier for you to decide on the content because you will understand in which direction you need to move.

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The second stage is the interaction with colleagues. In order for the corporate party to become truly yours, its format must be supported by the interests of employees, internal jokes and general stories. Everything that sets your team apart from others will be the best foundation for the future corporate party.

To understand what exactly suits your company, discuss their preferences with colleagues or write a questionnaire with popular topics and ask employees to fill it out. After, output the general result and, starting from it, decide on the necessary format and theme for the corporate party.

Selecting the party format

Let’s look at the most popular formats and for whom they are suitable.

  • Sports theme

These include various team buildings, marathons and tournaments. This is a great way to spend a nice day out. If your colleagues like outdoor activities, competitions and sporting events, they will be like the idea. If the team prefers passive relaxation, such an event will, in any case, be useful for finding new ideas and enhancing the team spirit. It’s not a secret for anyone that physical activity has a great effect on the body and helps to feel the team and learn how to better interact with them.

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  • For the wise ones 

Mafia, quests, games in “What? Where? When?” — a great option for those who like to compete with colleagues and gain new skills. Such an event requires a minimum of effort, it can be carried out even in the office, the main thing is your desire to bring everyone together. The intelligent format solves the problem of creating new tools and creative approaches for work, building more effective interaction and optimizing work processes.

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  • Entertaining parties

Entertainment events are very popular among companies because everyone loves to have fun and have a good rest. Corporate parties include various festivals, theme parties and all kinds of master classes. This format will help to reveal the talents of colleagues and find new stars in the team, fill everyone with new emotions, energize and increase loyalty to the company.

Choosing the theme of the event

Having decided on the format, it’s time to choose the theme of the event. After all, sports team building can be done in the style of Pirates of the Caribbean, and the festival in the theme of the Wild West. There are lots of options. Since you have already done all the preparation, you just have to emphasize all the goals that you set for yourself.

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Let’s see what themes you can choose to organize an unforgettable corporate event.

Based on movies and books

Such a corporate event will appeal to avid moviegoers, because everyone, at least once, wanted to try on the role of their favorite character, whether it is everyone’s favorite Harry Potter, Jay Gatsby, and Jack Sparrow, or the characters from the Mad Max. The themed evening with costumes, appropriate music and decor will allow participants to have a great time.

Techno party

The modern world is crazy about new gadgets, and each of us spends every free minute surfing the net. If your colleagues love everything related to interactivity, virtual reality and new technologies, this is exactly what you need. For some, such a corporate event will come as a surprise and will allow taking a fresh look at the world of technology. A party of the future with special effects, a light show, VR and a DJ in a LED costume, an opera singer who plays a laser harp — all this is the key to a wow-event.

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Team Building “Staying alive”

Fans of extreme sports and outdoor activities can offer an unusual team building in the style of “staying alive.” This is a great opportunity to unite the team, identify leaders and experience maximum drive and adrenaline. Discuss this scenario with your colleagues, make sure that they approve the idea and spend this day not only with pleasure but also with obvious benefit. Alternative topics here may include The Last Hero, Clash of the Titans, Champions Games or visiting a rope park.

Dashing 90s

Do not give up on popular ideas, because you and your company are unique and what does not suit others can be an ideal option for you. A corporate event in the style of the 90s may be the best event for your colleagues. Favorite music, colorful costumes and cool people will become the key to the success of your party.

When you have decided on the format and theme of your corporate party, it’s time to start organizing the event. If you decide to entrust the professionals, you always have Lioncom. We will help with the selection of topics for your event that will meet your goals; we will find the best location and make sure that you and your team will have a great day, which will remain in their memory for a long time and blow up social networks.