How to organize a corporate party?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

What is the first step towards organizing a corporate party? It is its visualization. Imagine how your ideal corporate party looks like. When you have decided on the scale, the number of guests and the estimated date, you can start planning. Let’s discuss where to start, what needs to be taken into account and what not to forget when it comes to such an important event.

Choosing the main concept

An ideal corporate event can be a trip out of town, a theme party or a street food festival. The main thing is to take into account the interests of the whole team. Ask your colleagues, collect the craziest ideas and never be afraid to take risks. Sometimes the most non-standard solutions turn out to be the most effective.

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Defining the budget

When you already have an idea of the future event, it’s just the time to decide on a budget. In order to start organizing the future event, it is important to understand how much you can spend. Highlight priority things (for example, a good location, a popular DJ and a photographer) and think about something you can omit if expenses exceed the allocated budget.

Selecting location

Whether it is a rural complex or a popular restaurant, book everything in advance. Good places are quickly booked, especially if the event is planned for the holidays. Choose a location based on the main idea of ​​the future corporate party, it should correspond to your concept and theme of the event. Imagine how you want the guests to feel during the event, what the atmosphere should be like, whether it will be a buffet with a lounge area or a banquet.

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When choosing a catering company for your event, make sure that all dishes meet the needs of all of your colleagues, taking into account allergies or specific diets. Discuss with the catering company how the dishes will be served, whether it will a small snack bar or a full dinner. If possible, conduct a preliminary tasting to be sure that everything not only looks good but is also very tasty. Check the place where the corporate party is planned. It should have technical and refrigeration facilities, access to water and all the necessary supplies for work.

If you plan to choose a catering that already exists at the location, study the reviews and check how and in what conditions the kitchen works.

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Decor, sound and light

Based on the concept of the future corporate party, its scale and budget, the decor can be very simple or it can embody the best traditions of wow-events. Sometimes the location itself is a solid work of art, where for the right atmosphere you will only have to add a couple of touches. And if you are planning an event outside the city, you may need to rent an awning and special equipment.

It is important to book technical contractors who adjust the sound and light because the event should sound no worse than it looks. Pay maximum attention to the transfer of technical specifications, because different locations have different requirements. Decorators and technicians should visit the venue in advance and inspect all the premises in order not to have unnecessary hitches on the day of the event.

Choosing the host and the photographer

If you need a host at your event, make sure that his activities and jokes are appropriate for the party concept. After all, a good host will create the right atmosphere and will never let the guests feel bored.

Everyone loves cool pictures after corporate parties. Choose the photographer, based on examples of their works and do not forget to discuss the idea of ​​your future event in order to get the most vivid photo report.

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It’s time to show imagination and fill your corporate party with activities. If you are planning an active day out, you will need a lot of entertainment that will keep everyone in good shape and allow them to have fun. If it is a theme party, you will need a DJ or a cover band, who will create the right atmosphere. At this stage, determine how long you want their performance to last and whether you need additional entertainment. A fascinating evening requires careful preparation and a detailed script will help you with this.

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What to consider when writing a script? Firstly, everything that has to do with the host: his text, contests and activities for the participants. Secondly, a technical scenario for lights and sound engineers (answers to the questions: “What happens on the screen, with light and music, while the host says this?”). Thirdly, the instruction for catering with the time of serving food and drinks. It is important to attach it to the program so that the catering manager focuses not on time, but on what is happening around.

Writing a script may seem, at first glance, boring and unnecessary. In fact, the more you write down the program of the event, the fewer hitches you will have.

Controlling the event

If you think the hardest part is behind, this is not entirely true. It will be possible to breathe out only after the end of the event because the most interesting is yet to come. On the day of the event, it is important to monitor every detail: the arrival of contractors, unloading and installation of equipment, preparation of catering and show programs. If timing is shifting during a corporate party, it is important to have time to inform everyone. That is why, an event requires an experienced coordinator who will control everything, and you will be able to taste the cake that you chose.

It is very difficult to organize such an event on your own, taking into account all the small details. Colleagues will certainly be very proud of you, but will you be able to relax? In this case, you have a great opportunity to trust all the organization to the professionals — Lioncom event agency.

We will organize your corporate event, taking into account all the wishes and preferences. We will select the location, create the right atmosphere, find the best catering and write a unique script for your event. You only need to approve the estimate and enjoy an unforgettable day.