How to organize a themed Japan day?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Съемка на телефон, Japan Day Ceetrus

Preparation time: 5 days
Period: November 3, 2018
Location: Kyiv, Zdolbunovskaya Street, 15G

Lioncom had the task of organizing a theme party for CEETRUS. Together we created Japan Day in the concept of the subtle art of Japanese life. Speaking of Japan, an associative series of self-discipline, moderation, and grandeur pops up with lightning speed. Therefore, while working on a program for the project, we were looking for options for the activity, which can reveal the theme of the event for each guest. Slowly and thoughtfully. In Japanese style. The decision came to our project managers as an insight on the top of a snow-capped mountain: of course, it should be sushi and origami. Step by step we enter the world of Japan with CEETRUS.

Cooking show

This format has exceeded all expectations. The culinary master class allowed simultaneously involving more than ten guests of different ages, and in combination with the elements of the gastronomic show, the action absorbed the attention of all those present. Under the guidance of professional chefs, guests of the event plunged into the mysterious atmosphere of cooking their favorite Japanese dish – sushi. As a result, we got a real super-rated television project in reality, where the participants fought for excellence, and the audience turned into fans waiting for the results of their favorite show.

The instructions of the chief were implicitly followed, the participants were focused and attentive. It seemed that they did not work on “Philadelphia rolls”, but rather on a significant philosophical treatise. But even such a serious matter easily turns into real fun in the hands of a team of professionals.

Success was unconditional. Participants, proud of their creations, ate them so quickly that most did not even have time to get into the photo report.


Philosophizing the fragility of perfection, Lioncom recalls the simple truth of the events: if the project has a photographer, this day automatically goes to eternity. Therefore, always invite the photographer! Not so old and far from Japanese, but still the wisdom of the event agency.

Children’s master class

Young guests skillfully mastered origami in an organized master class. Line by line, bending, wrapping and getting cranes, frogs and iris flowers from paper. Small hands created tiny masterpieces invented thousands of years ago on the other side of the planet.

Musical accompaniment

This project could be voiced by silence and a breath of wind, but the organizing experience whispers that no good event can do without a professional DJ. It is as if we forgot to add a key ingredient during a cooking class. Almost a disaster! Therefore, the mood and activity of Japan day with a samurai dedication took over the DJ. If you do not already have tickets to Tokyo, just call Lioncom to get a real Japanese day with:

  • cooking show;
  • children’s origami master class;
  • musical arrangement;
  • professional photo report.

Lioncom has something in common with Japan. And the matter is not only in love for sushi. Japan is the first to meet the rising sun, and we are the first to come to the location of the upcoming events. Sometimes even a little before the sun rose.