Hygge Event JYSK

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Лілія Ребрик з котиком

Client: JYSK

Preparation time: month

Date of the event: December 5, 2018

Location: Kiev, Fedoriv HUB

With the beginning of December, an incredible number of projects and the magic of the New Year mood come to the life of Lioncom event agency. But among Lioncom’s customers, there is one who perfectly knows how to create coziness all year round. Just think about the project for JYSK and you will instantly smell cocoa with cinnamon. Do you feel it? It was all inspired by the Scandinavian style.

Our task was to demonstrate the versatility of JYSK, showing that it is suitable for both professional designers and every person who makes repairs in their apartment. The brand opens up opportunities for creative searches, regardless of the budget and the number of square meters. In addition, JYSK is an ideal space for bloggers who create lifestyle photos and flat lay.

That’s how the creation of a unique atmosphere of coziness began in the best Scandinavian traditions for the Hygge indoor design event. This word has softly and deeply merged into our lives. It is incomprehensible to the end, without a literal translation, but very easily felt: like a feeling of home, comfort, and warm conversations with friends over delicious food.

Wrap yourself in cozy rugs, Lioncom begins to create hygge!

Creating an atmosphere

JYSK presented a new winter collection, which was a great event for all lovers of minimalism and comfort. An unbreakable love of light and simplicity entered the Ukrainian design market in 2004 with the opening of the first JYSK and began to grow in the hearts of hygge-lovers. Now, these are endless expanses of enthusiasm, reliably sheltered by a layer of Kyiv snow.

We unwound 50 meters of lights and prepared a lot of cups of cocoa to make it look like we are sitting by the fireplace in our favorite armchair and warm knitted socks, enjoying life in the hygge style.

By the way, lights, cocoa, and ideal chairs were completely non-metaphorical. Squinting your eyes a little bit, breathing in the warm light of the bulbs, you could feel like visiting your best Danish friend. After such miracles, it was time to enjoy fried marshmallows on the terrace. And you know what? Nothing better could have happened to us this winter evening.

You can’t imagine a cozier event!

Warmth, goodness and cats

We warmed the frozen capital and it was the time to do some good deeds. This cold winter, comfort and warmth are not only about many cups of cocoa but, first of all, about the feeling of home. And the hygge project decided to give this vital feeling to small defenseless creatures. JYSK invited a volunteer from an animal shelter to a project to find a home for cats who did not leave a chance for indifference.

One kitten was taken right during the event, making this December even kinder and warmer.

Warm conversations

The guests of the evening included Lilia Rebrik, designers, editors, bloggers, including Anastasia Markovich, Nastya Poberezhnaya, Alina Friendiy, a participant in the reality show “Sertsya Triokh” Vita Bulanaya, a participant in the “Ukrainian Supermodel” Katya Svinarchuk. Opinion leaders that day turned into friends at the long family table, united by a love of Scandinavian interior.

In the framework of friendly conversations, Ukrainian interior designer Yekaterina Sanina spoke at the event. We heard a fascinating story about the spirit of the Scandinavian style and the skill of its implementation on various projects. She also shared the secrets of arranging home comfort, revealing the secret ingredients of the hygge on the example of Jysk furniture.

Lioncom also has a couple of warm tips on how to create a hygge event:

  • Presenter with a pleasant voice and a kind smile;
  • Photographer for cozy shots;
  • Inspired guests for an evening conversation;
  • Hostess for help and beauty;
  • Fried Marshmallows for a light nostalgia;
  • Inexhaustible stocks of cocoa and mulled wine for heat;
  • 50 meters of lights;
  • The wonders of catering – flavored cakes and croissants in the middle of wooden installations;
  • Cats.

If a time machine is soon to be built, then Lioncom knows exactly where to go first: December 5, Fedoriv HUB on our project for JYSK. In the meantime, while great inventions are still in the future, in order to feel yourself at our hygge event, turn on the lights, wrap yourself in a blanket, and watch this video.