Is it worth holding a tender for corporate events?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

If we talk about tenders, there will always be those who like them, as well as those who are categorically against. A tender is always a risk, both for clients and for event agencies. Clients usually want an abundance of options and try to get as many offers as possible so that there is plenty to choose from. Event agencies are not always willing to participate in tenders with a large number of other participants, because the chances of winning are very small. A large Ukrainian event agency Lioncom will share the pros and cons of tenders, as well as small tricks for their implementation.

Let’s talk about the advantages of holding tenders.

  • Tender is always an opportunity to receive the most diverse offers, creative ideas and discover new names in the event market.
  • Tender is a great chance to delegate almost all aspects of planning the next corporate party.

But what are the obvious disadvantages and practical tips for a successful tender?

A lot is not always good

One of the main misconceptions — the more bidders, the more ideas. Indeed, there will be many ideas and suggestions, but whether they will be well implemented and whether there will be those with a well-developed concept, remains a question. It is better to choose only several event agencies that will work on the main concept of your future event. 

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One idea is the key to success

Agencies are unlikely to find time to develop 10 original ideas. With such a request, they will probably offer a standard set of concepts in which there will be a minimum of individual approach and creativity. If you know how your ideal event looks like, ask the selected agencies to develop its main idea, and based on the results you will have the opportunity to objectively see the strengths and weaknesses of each participant and choose what suits you best.

Pros of forehand preparation

Finding a suitable venue, choosing a catering company, a cool host, organizing activities and booking your favorite cover band is not a one-day task. It is worth starting in advance, especially if the corporate event is designed for several hundred people and is planned for the New Year or another holiday. Good specialists are booked quickly, therefore, it is worth starting in advance.

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Terms and conditions 

Tender conditions must be stated clearly. Agencies will be more serious about the tender if they understand the general idea and your requirements. It will also be useful to report what is of priority for you to evaluate — a detailed plan, the main concept or logistics. The participants will work on the request, and it will be easier for you to evaluate the approach of each candidate.

The importance of feedback

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of feedback. Any tender participant will be grateful if, in case of loss, you will explain why you made a choice in favor of another candidate. After all, everyone has a place for improvement, and if you contribute to the further development of the participating company, the next time they will undoubtedly do better.

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Having considered all the pros and cons, the only thing left is to understand whether it is really worth conducting a tender for corporate events. If you are in search of creative ideas, new faces and innovative solutions — definitely yes. Remember that the success of any tender directly depends on well-defined conditions, the number of participants and your willingness to compromise. The main thing is to clearly state the requirements and the concept of a future event, the rest — entrust to professionals.