Jeans FEST Colin’s Series Opening Rules

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Садыкова Марина, координаторы на Jeans Fest Colin's

This season we have organized several Jeans FEST projects for Colin’s chain of stores in different cities. The projects were successful: hundreds of people found their perfect jeans at a discount and thousands of satisfied guests posted on Instagram their photos with giant balloons in Colin’s photo zone. We could end up on this short post about the story of Jeans FEST. But it is not so easy to get rid of an event person. The task that we set for ourselves was to carry out the final project and to award all its winners in the final of the festival.

While the previous projects were process-oriented: pleasant shopping in the favorite store, attracting new customers, in the Jeans FEST finale we are talking about the result: you need to collect the best fragments of the last stages of the event and create an unforgettable finale. It is always responsible. If you have already worked with a client on a series of related events, you should follow the rules when preparing the final project:

  • Preserving the style – there should be a sense of unity of all projects, regardless of the city and the date of the event.
  • Focusing on the brand – any opportunity to promote the brand should be used.

Working on a series of projects, we set ourselves the main task – increasing customer brand loyalty. Logo balloons, branded sweets, a photo zone with a banner in recognizable corporate colors are excellent tools that you can safely combine and repeat on each project for the client.

  • Preparing gifts for the winners.

The first projects allow us to identify the most active guests, they incite interest in everyone and lead to the final stage, where the main winners are determined. Gifts should be motivating. Each guest, coming to the Jeans FEST project for the first time, should want to get to the closing party, and everyone who became a winner should not forget to come, not sparing their time, because they are waiting for a long-awaited gift from Colin’s which is not just a pen with a logo and a catalog of the next collection.

  • The stability of the team.

It is good if coordinators, a host, a sound engineer, and a photographer, who were also on the previous Jeans FEST wave, work on the final project. This brings us back to the first point about maintaining style.

Leveling up – if we carried out 10 Jeans FEST projects, then the final must surpass each of them individually, accumulating the main achievements of all ten. The experience gained and event imagination will be helpful – it will be necessary to once again surprise the guests of the holiday, once again convince them of the correct decision to spend the evening with Colin’s.

Jeans FEST is a large-scale project for Colin’s, which has raged across the country. This is a great case on how to conduct 10 successful projects and finish with another best one to put an exclamation mark in the series of these successes. Thank you, Colin’s, for the work, we are ready to invent further! We are waiting for the call.