Lioncom on EIF 2020

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Anton Sadykov, Marina Sadykova, Povodenko Margarita, Serdyuk Zakhariy, Serdyuk Kateryna, Kostenko Maria, the EIF forum

From February 20 to 22, 2020, the Event Industry Forum 2020 was held in the Arena-Lviv complex. The main idea was through changing our values ​​and playing by the rules of the modern civilized market, to make an invaluable contribution to the formation of the powerful development of the event industry.

Lioncom team was lucky to attend such an amazing event and spend time with maximum benefit. These were three days of a colossal exchange of experience, a continuous flow of information, a huge number of participants and speakers, as well as many unexpected and, at the same time, long-awaited meetings with colleagues, partners, and friends.

Lioncom Team on EIF 2020

The forum addressed some issues that are currently relevant to the world of the event market, its trends, as well as the topic of identifying events as an indispensable product for people and businesses.

Among the speakers were representatives of various international and Ukrainian companies who shared their experience and gave a lot of practical advice. The morning of the first day began with a productive seminar by Sven Boelhouwer, an award-winning certified specialist in congresses and events in the MICE industry. Sven told how to create and change the event industry and do it as efficiently as possible.

Later, the forum participants had the opportunity to listen and chat with Salvatore Sagone, a representative of the ADC Group and the founder of the Best Event Awards, which today is recognized as the main international award in the event industry. Salvatore told how to achieve success in the field of event organization. The day ended with a speech by Denis Rynsky and his story about the structure and geography of the event market.

Lioncom Team on EIF 2020 (1)

In general, the guests and participants of the forum had the opportunity to attend many useful seminars and lectures: festival RE-marketing, innovative technical solutions, creativity, concept and event budget.

For the Lioncom team, this event was especially important. The founder of the company, Anton Sadykov, came as a speaker to share the secrets of effective management and revealed the topic of event optimization.

We have collected 7 main insights from his speech and are happy to share them with you.

  • The faster you count money at your agency, the faster it grows.
  • If you do not work with your team, security, finances, and processes, nothing will work.
  • For the successful work of the company, it is necessary to increase the loyalty of employees and, first of all, to deal with events, and not calculations.
  • A transparent and clear payroll system motivates employees to earn more.
  • By automating all the processes, you will have the opportunity to work faster and more efficiently. All information is online, which allows you to work from anywhere and track the entire history of changes.
  • It is not necessary to start a CRM system, but it is necessary to develop your Excel files.
  • And always remember — you are met according to estimates, but escorted by a photo report.

We were very inspired and had a great time in Lviv. Thanks for the amazing weekend. We have once again shown that Lioncom is always on the level, we do not stop there and already plan our next events.