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We know that event preparation begins with an idea and a search for the right staff. You need to come up with a concept and write a script. To speak with everyone about the terms, coordinate, sign contracts and make the payment with the accountant. The necessity to control everything before, during and after the event might be stressful and time-consuming. So in order to avoid this, just contact us. We have everything: first-class specialists, extensive experience and a huge love towards what we do. We are located in Kiev, but we can hold more than 50 events of any complexity all over Ukraine, which is why we are selected by the following companies:

How we work

Stages of our work

Understanding who our client is plays a key role in event planning. We take into account the features of the store location, the expected patency, the amount of the average check, the type of activity, the culture of communication of staff with each other and with customers, the principles of the company.
Through careful study, based on extensive experience, we set goals that are achievable for the event and build it from scratch.

When there is a general structure of the event, the creative process begins - developing the idea of ​​the event. The principle is simple: the more ideas, the better. Subsequently we choose the ones that can best reflect the essence of the company. Based on the idea, we form a visual concept of the event, we work out a detailed script of the opening plan. At this stage, it is necessary to pay attention to the mechanics of competitions and raffles, if they are planned.

The next step is to make estimates based on the scenario plan. We select equipment and staff to open: from promoters to distribute flyers to presenters and sound engineers. By 12 over years, we have accumulated a base of thousands of contractors across the country. We will find and bring decent performers to any corner of Ukraine. We also thoroughly study the legal side of drawing, contests and the use of music.

When the necessary elements of the event are collected, we bring them into the estimate. It is the subject of a special pride of the company. This is the most detailed estimate in the market of event agencies. All the small but important details are taken into account. Also you get a single price guarantee - that is, even if we didn't take into account something - you still get a top-level event at the price you set, and we'll pay the difference ourselves. Our priority is to keep the number one agency in the country.

When the preparation is over, it is time for the grand opening of the store. Event coordinators take care of all the little things: letting each party know what they do and what time; making sure the scissors lay on the pillow and the red ribbon is pulled properly; that the solemn music is turned on at the right moment; that both the guests and the hosts of the event have a great mood from start to finish.

After the event, we formulate a recommendation report, as well as send a photo report and video clips. After having received high quality materials, you can use them for advertising purposes - to place on the site, to design articles, to create banners and more.
A live photo report will remind you of the first day of the store, even in a few years, and the video will show the brightest moments.

Convenience and Safety

Choosing from many agencies in the market, we want you to stay at Lioncom, which is why we provide services with a guarantee of compliance with the laws of Ukraine and copyright.

Licensed music

We respect the copyright of the performers, which is why we have a music design license for every project of the company!

Real VAT payer

The company is a VAT payer. We are not optimizing, so it's safe to work with Lioncom!

Legal support

We know the importance of correctly and legally drawing up the prize draw. Working with us, you do not need additional legal services.

Accounting support

Do you know what taxes you need to pay in connection with the prize draw? We know for sure because we charge them almost every day of the year.


We are most trusted - having the right to make a first impression ”

— Marina Sadikova

Order with this service

The main components of the event

The idea

Let's develop an idea that will reflect the essence of the company in the best way, create a visual concept and write a script to open

The presenter

Charismatic presenter will attract buyers and become the "face of the event"


Our decorators will give you better options for decorating the entrance and the ballroom

Drawing prizes

No one understands better than us in prize draws - this action will bring to the event a huge number of guests and buyers

Artists booking and stage

Artists and musicians will make your opening unforgettable and win the hearts of even the most discerning guests


The unusual photo zone will attract the attention of even those buyers who do not initially intend to attend the event


A team of professional animators will entertain visitors. Also in the festivities can participate pneumocolls, mimes, stilts and jugglers


People at grand openings are pleased to participate in themed workshops


Choose a decor based on the theme of the event and features of the store

We work all over Ukraine

7 benefits of working with us

Having worked with us once, you will want to organize with us all of your events

One contractor - contract

This is convenient - you will not waste your time and effort searching for staff, completing paperwork and working on accounting. We provide event support: from the preparation of ideas and reconciliation of activities to the settlement of legal details with the winners of actions.

Fast design and execution

We value our clients' time and know how important it is to instantly make an estimate and a presentation, and then have time to execute last-moment projects, so we prepare projects very quickly.

Send us a task and see for yourself!

More than 300 projects a month

12 years of experience and more than 4272 events and marketing programs. No one else has so many organized projects in Ukraine, so why are you still doubting?

Always top notch

We guarantee the same quality and effective implementation of events anywhere in the country and with any number of simultaneous projects. Whether it is 5 or 50 at once - all events will be at the highest level.

Real superheroes

We do more than we are expected to and do better than we did last time. Most importantly, we work with pleasure.

Do you doubt whether we will make it work?

Take a look at those who trust us their events - our regular customers. We can do everything, which is why we are chosen by the best.

The country's largest online retailers are already using the full benefits of working with Lioncom.

We have common goals

We will work to ensure that your holiday is effective in terms of attraction, sales, loyalty or familiarity with the range.

After the event, we formulate a recommendation report, as well as send a photo report and edit the videos.

All of this is required to make sure every new event is better than the previous one.

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