Rooftop Party — LIONCOM’s Birthday

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Команда Lioncom, Катерина Сердюк, Анна Рафальська Вадим Бондарчук, Анастасія Шершньова, Олексій Студинський, Антон Садиков, Марина Садикова, Катерина Горська, Захарій Сердюк, Діана Пономарьова, Тимур Перьков, Віталій Шнирук, Анна Рафальська

This story is hard to believe. But we were there, and that is absolutely true. Once Anton and Marina had a dream. Difficult to believe it right away, but it happens with people in love, especially with those in love with their jobs. These two stood on the steepest roof of the capital. Dazzlingly beautiful, they squinted a little from the setting sun and enjoyed the sound of a city flaring up in their hair. Breathtaking from a height, the view in front of their eyes, slowly unfolded the veil of a Friday evening. The music was playing around when, suddenly, they woke up.

11 years have passed since then. We hear the heels knocking on the fire escape, white shirts catching glimpses of the setting sun, dresses flying in the wind, the roof balancing between reality and fantasy with skyrocketing balloons. Guests are already on site. Do you hear a melody? It is summer. It is the city talking to you, chatting incessantly as an old friend whom he had not seen for ages. Do you hear the noise? These are event organizers dancing to the fullest extent of their organizational potential. Lioncom has invited its best friends to this birthday party.

Music is mixed with toasts, girls are filled with laughter, and cocktails with ice. Glasses are ringing, garlands are turned on, knees treacherously begin to move to the beat. Fun, like a carousel for all eleven-year-olds, can no longer be stopped.

Creating events is our job, but organizing our own birthday is a very special chore. Panaegis, responsible for the sound, did not leave a single chance for a steady monotony. Bulgakov caught Hollywood smiles and endured countless poses. Sadykov, Chebanenko, and Koznyuk took a microphone from each other, hosting this party. Everyone else danced, joked, laughed, photographed, exchanged presents, and ate the most delicious cake.

Diet, in secret from the conscience, and the trainer, was canceled, but shhh… Everything that was on the roof of Lioncom remains on the roof. Far after six, there was a smell of candles and wishes. Inhaling that evening with a full chest, we blew out the candles to make a wish come true. And danced again.

And here Anton and Marina were, standing on the roof. And next to them was their super-team. And the cake was the tastiest in the world. And this was not a dream at all. But this birthday will be kept in our memory for a long time.