An autograph session is always a big event, both for guests and for the participants. Such events include meetings with famous athletes, writers, nutritionists or media personalities. Autograph sessions are held for a closer acquaintance with the public and, at the same time, for the promotion and advertising of your brand.

How to conduct an autograph session?

For the successful organization of an autograph session, it is important to select and prepare the location. Autograph sessions can be held at fairs, in bookstores or at various events.

For conducting an autograph session, it is important to consider several important details:

It is important to choose a place based on the estimated number of invited guests. The place should be spacious so that everyone is as comfortable as possible.

Photozone will serve as a place for bright photographs. Pay attention to branding and design so that they match the theme and atmosphere of the event.

Depending on the format of the event, you can use either a regular table or a stand for an autograph session. The person who will be behind it should feel comfortable.

To attract as many people as possible to the event, it is very important not to forget about the promotional materials. It can be posters, brochures or advertising through social media. The main goal here is to pay attention to the upcoming event.

A good photographer will help to make a lot of cool photos of the event. Check the candidates’ work and discuss the idea of ​​your future event in order to get the most vivid photo report.

Having considered the components of an autograph session, it’s time to find out how and where you can organize it.

Autograph Session Scenarios

Let’s look at the most popular scenarios for autograph sessions.

1. Bookstore autograph session

For authors and writers who plan to present a new book, this is the most popular option. The atmosphere of the bookstore will create the right mood during the event.

2. Autograph session at the opening of a sports store

An autograph session with a famous athlete at the opening of a sports store will be a great idea and an excellent marketing move. This will attract a large number of potential buyers and increase brand awareness. Guests of the event will have a great opportunity to meet and take a photo with their idol.

3. Autograph session at a festival or a fair

This format is good for autograph sessions dedicated to various presentations as there is always a large number of people visiting various festivals and fairs. This is a great opportunity to present your brand and its products and invite the brand face to an autograph session in order to attract more visitors.

Why choose Lioncom for organizing an autograph session?

The goal of the guests of the autograph session is to receive autographs, an opportunity to chat with each other and with their favorite idol, and to pose for a common photo. The aim of the organizers is a successful event. But behind a successful autograph session is always a careful preparation and a team of professionals. Event agency Lioncom knows how to prepare a turnkey event in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

Booking an event has not been so easy. The Lioncom team will prepare and take into account all the details and wishes for your upcoming autograph session:

You only need to approve the estimate and enjoy an unforgettable day.