The company’s birthday is a special ocassion, not like other corporate celebrations. This date is an important tradition within the company. Your business grows and develops, becoming a significant part of your life. You put your strength into it and every year there is something to be proud of and something to remember. Therefore, you should give special attention to its planning.

Corporate party scenarios

Depending on your preferences, number of people and the planned scale, you can celebrate a birthday so that you will share your impressions, emotions and quietly merge videos on Youtube for cool content during the next few months.

If you have a small company and a very cool manager (we are sure yours is just like that), one of the ideas could be a short trip to a new city or country. Impressions of new places will be the best birthday present.

When the manager wants to invite not only his employees, but also the partners of the company and plans a big feast, the right location, a lot of games, music and laughter will become the key to an amazing day. Whether it’s a fun theme party, or an active day with contests and quests — such an event will exceed any expectations.

And all would be fine, but Siri is not coping with the task of finding a way to “organize the company’s birthday” quickly, inexpensively, without advertising. Leave Siri to search for the next recipe for recovery after Friday festivities. To organize the holiday you just need Lioncom.

It’s easy to get a cool event in Kiev or any city of Ukraine! After all, you get a team of people who are in love with what they do and who always set a goal of rocking events every day.

Event organization

Any event begins with a discussion of the concept and ideas of the company’s future birthday. The rest we will do:

  • We will choose the theme and the corresponding dress code for the celebration
  • We will invite a DJ, the most attractive host in Ukraine and create a cool photo zone
  • We will make sure that the desired location, whether it is a restaurant, quest room, cinema, or the most amazing rooftop of Kiev, will be at your service.
  • We will provide decor in the style of disco, casino, Hawaiian, Mexican, or in the style of “Italian family” with a long table and delicious tiramisu.
  • We will do everything on a turnkey basis so that popular bloggers will want to record Instagram stories on your event.

Lioncom is the first step towards a perfect celebration of the company’s birthday. This day will be bright and creative. Your employees will enjoy it so much that it will become your favourite tradition. Such an event will allow you to spend some time with your colleagues, take part in various activities, laugh and become a little closer. You will be able to show that your company is growing and developing, and we will help you to thank employees for their good work by fulfilling another small dream — the dream of a perfect event.