Holding conferences and seminars is a great opportunity to declare yourself and your company, hold a professional discussion, increase your business reputation and meet new partners.

You will have the opportunity to invite colleagues from different parts of the country, and participants will be able to attend various seminars, lectures, listen to speakers and meet new clients.

Goals and objectives

The reason for organizing such events is often the desire to expand the client and partner base, as well as provide employees with opportunities to develop and improve skills in their field.

The goals and objectives of conferences and seminars are very simple:

This is a unique opportunity to bring everyone together — partners, customers, and employees — and spend several days discussing, networking and exchanging information.

Organization Features

Despite the obvious benefits of such events, the organization will take more than one day. The event agency Lioncom will share the secrets of a successful event organization and will become your assistant in the realization of all your ideas and wishes, whether it is a one-day seminar or a weekly conference for several hundred people.

Let’s see what it is worth considering when you are planning to hold a conference.

When planning an event, start by discussing its scale and budget. Conferences can last one or several days, include lectures and seminars, as well as speeches by international speakers. Based on how big you want the event, the amount that you have to spend will flow out. Organizers of large conferences usually enlist the support of partners and sponsors. This helps to create an image, ensure the arrival of lecturers and speakers from abroad and works on the recognition of the event as a whole.

Knowing the planned scale, you can determine the venue and estimated dates. The sooner you start, the better. Conferences, seminars and various team buildings are gaining popularity, so finding a venue in the shortest possible time will not be easy. There are quite a few available options: conference rooms in hotels, suburban complexes, coworking platforms, less often — in restaurants. Everything will depend on how big the event is planned and what kind of program it will have.

If this is not a one-day seminar for a small number of people, you should take care of arranging transportation, and if necessary, providing accommodation for visiting speakers and participants.

To make sure everything goes smoothly, you must first find and prepare the entire technical part in advance — microphones, projectors, flip charts, notebooks, and pens for all the participants.

Leaving participants hungry is unacceptable. You should evaluate the duration of the event in advance and organize several coffee breaks or a full lunch or dinner. Well-fed and happy guests will perceive the information much better.

Photo and video reports are needed not only for the company’s archive but also in order to show the event to others and share it on social networks. This will work as additional advertising, a good memory and will attract new participants and partners in the future.

Conferences are often attended by international speakers. In order for communication to go smoothly, you may need a translation service. Agencies can provide such assistance on a barter basis if they are interested in the audience of the event.

When you figured out everything and decided on what event you are planning, it’s time to write to the Lioncom event agency. We will organize a conference or seminar taking into account all the wishes, features of your company and the estimated budget. You will not have to spend time looking for a suitable venue, ordering catering and choosing a good photographer. For all of this, you have us.