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How to conduct a successful

field day

Field Day success depends on many points. Lioncom helps to solve all technical aspects: air conditioning, tents, transfer, electric generators and more.

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Necessary services for the Field Day

Field event components


We will develop an idea that reflects the essence of the company in the best way, create a visual concept and write a script for a field day


A charismatic presenter will become the “face of the event”: he will talk about a company or product, introduce speakers, support a festive atmosphere


Delicious dishes and original presentation will impress guests and leave pleasant memories of the event

Artists and stage

Artists and musicians will make your event unforgettable and win the hearts of even the most picky guests

Musical arrangement

Pleasant music in the lounge areas will allow your guests to relax and chat with the speakers in an informal atmosphere, and for the sales managers to do their job

Technical support

We organize everything you need for a successful event in the field. Air conditioning, tents, transfer, electric generators and more

Services that harmoniously complement the event


Charming hostesses will welcome guests, advise them and give presentations with advertising booklets

Brand wall

It will increase the recognition of your company and provide an opportunity for participants to make a memorable photo


A professional photographer will make wonderful memorable photos for guests and an excellent photo report for social networks, presentations and even advertising boards

Pneumatic doll

Life-size or pneumatic dolls, mimes, stilts, jugglers - all this will not allow your guests to get bored and turn the event into an unforgettable holiday


We will select and create a harmonious decor, anything from balls to furniture, taking into account the selected program

How we are working

Stages of our work


They trust us

We know that event preparation begins with an idea and staff search. You need to come up with a concept and write a script. Speak with everyone about the conditions, agree, sign contracts, and pay the accountant. It is necessary to control everything before, during and after the event which might be difficult and time-consuming. To avoid this, you just need to contact us. We have everything: specialists and wide experience. We are located in Kiev, but we can simultaneously hold more than 50 events of any complexity throughout Ukraine, which is why we are chosen by such companies:

We work all over Ukraine

7 advantages of working with us

After working with us once, you will want to hold events with us again and again

One contractor - one contract

This is convenient - you will not spend your own time and energy searching for personnel, filling out papers and going to bookkeeping. We provide support for the event: from the preparation of ideas and coordination of activities to the settlement of legal subtleties with the winners of the shares.

Fast execution

We value the time of our customers and we know how important it is to instantly draw up estimates and presentations, and then have time to complete projects devised “at the last moment”, so we prepare projects very quickly.

Send us the task and see for yourself!

Over 300 projects monthly

12 years of experience and more than 4272 events and marketing programs. Nobody else has such a large number of organized projects in Ukraine, what else is there to think about?

Always top notch

We guarantee equally high-quality and effective events at any point in the country and with any number of simultaneous projects. Weather it is 5 or 50 at once - all events will be held at the highest level.

Real superheroes

We are doing more than they expect from us and better than we did last time. Most importantly, we work with pleasure.

Doubt whether we will make it work?

Look at those who trust us in making their events - at our regular customers. We can do everything, which is why we are chosen by the best.

The largest network retailers in the country take full advantage of cooperation with Lioncom.

We have common goals

We will work to ensure that your holiday is effective in terms of attracting, selling, loyalty and exploring the range.

After the event, we generate a report with recommendations, as well as send a photo report and mount video clips.

All this is very necessary to make sure every event is better than the previous one.

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