The festival is a corporate party, a master class and team building combined, which makes the event very interesting and entertaining. Nowadays, the festival is an effective event marketing tool that can bring together a large number of people and solve a number of tasks.

With the help of the festivals, companies, first of all, have the opportunity to increase brand awareness. And secondly, create an emotional connection with their target audience and find new customers.

Preparation of the festival

When it comes to the preparation of the festival, there are several key components:

  1. Definition of idea and concept

Before planning, it is important to understand what and why you are going to do: for whom the festival will be, at what costs and by what means.

  1. Selection of the theme and main program of the festival

Based on the goals of the event, as well as the target audience, the program of the festival will be chosen. At this stage it is very important to understand the key tasks and problems that the festival will help solve for each participant.

  1. Formation of the program

The program should be tailored to the scale and interests of the target audience, as well as all the necessary tasks that the organizers set. This will include the selection of artists, the organization of workshops and shows.

  1. Selection of location

The right location should be selected based on the scale, theme and the festival’s season.

Such venues are the best option for summer festivals. Fresh air, plenty of space to accommodate people, and make a memorable day.

Concert halls are suitable if the main element of the festival is the performance of musicians, who need professional light and sound.

The main advantage here is a lot of space to allocate a large number of people. The stadiums are suitable for sports festivals as well as music concerts.

Such places are versatile: suitable for any season, have the opportunity to transform the space and create competent zoning.

Why choose Lioncom for a festival organization?

The organization of the festival is a complex and long process. That’s why we’re here to help you with all the nuances and take on the planning and organization from start to finish.

Lioncom will be able to organize a festival of any format, be it a music or movie festival, Family Day, or Food Fest. When working with us, you will receive professional advice, assistance in organizing and creating the perfect event. We will organize a festival to help you find leads, attract new partners, and just have a great time.