The grand opening is an excellent way for business development and the attraction of potential clients.

For a successful organization, an arch of balloons will not be enough. The grand opening should be bright and memorable, with a lot of music, fun and the ceremony of cutting the red ribbon.

Let’s find out what secrets exist and how to conduct a grand opening effectively.

Where to begin?

Any event begins with an idea that will correspond to the main concept, whether it is a store, a car dealership or a shopping center. It is worth writing a detailed plan for a future event and considering everything and even more:

The more you describe the details of a future event, the easier it will be at the preparation stage.

Getting ready for the event

After you have decided on an idea and a concept, you can begin the preparation.

And we are here to help you with this. We are a Ukrainian event agency Lioncom who knows how to organize a grand opening on a turn-key basis. Booking an event has never been so easy.

  1. We will find and reserve technical contractors. Sound and light should work without interruption in order for the event to be held at the highest level.
  2. The grand opening should be enchanting and eye-catching. The right decor, in accordance with the main concept and your preferences, will perfectly cope with this task.
  3. Small delicacies and a glass of champagne in honor of the opening will suit the event, so it is important to find and book the catering company.
  4. Animators and a good host will help maintain a festive atmosphere and entertain all the guests.
  5. No grand opening can possibly exist without long-awaited prize draws that will delight all guests. We will make sure that everything is fair and fun.
  6. After a good event, you should have not only positive emotions but also high-quality photos and videos. Therefore, we promise the best photographers and a good photo report.

A little more effort and we are ready to rock the event.

The day of the grand opening

On the day of the grand opening, everything should be perfect. Mounting. Soundcheck. The main action. And, finally, the awaited ceremony of cutting the red ribbon. And after the event a pleasant aftertaste. Therefore, it is very important to work out the details that will create a good impression for each guest.

We know how to create events, always act in your interests, and organize each one on a turn-key basis. After all, the most important thing for us is to create an unforgettable first impression for your brand and increase customer loyalty. And you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great day and enchanting opening.