Incentive tours are a great way to thank employees for a job well done and high performance, encourage them and motivate towards new achievements.

Such tours are a rational investment that will certainly pay off.

Reasons, goals, and objectives of incentive tours

The reason for organizing such events may be good results and performance, a successful deal or tender. Most companies conduct such trips in order to motivate their employees, setting specific goals:

Such a trip should give a lot of positive memories, so it is very important to think through all the details, taking into account interests and desires of employees.

Types of incentive tours

Incentive tours have their own classification and depending on the goals pursued, you have the right to choose exactly what suits your company:

Focus on your goals and choose exactly the type that seems the most suitable for your team. In any case, employees will appreciate your initiative, and you, in return, will increase your credibility and earn respect.

Organizational Features

The following tips will help you not to get confused before planning such a large project. And if you need the help of professionals, Lioncom event agency is ready to organize an unforgettable incentive-tour for your entire team. We repeatedly traveled all together, went all over three countries in a motorhome, and learned how to manage a yacht in Tenerife. So, you are in the right place.

Before choosing a destination and buying tickets, it is important to talk to colleagues and find out about their wishes and preferences. Sometimes the employees themselves can give the answer to the question “where to next?”.

Before you begin, the most important thing is to determine your budget. Based on it, it will be clear what your opportunities are, what you can organize and how long and active the vacation will be.

Since the trip involves going abroad, planning should be done in advance. There is a lot to do — pick a hotel, book flights, make sure everyone has passports, suitcases and a weekly supply of a good mood.

Write down your action plan so that there are no unnecessary hitches in place. If you are planning a motivational tour with lectures and master classes — make sure that all participants have a program with the exact time and venue of each seminar.

It is much more difficult to book tours, excursions or arrange the necessary transfer when you are already abroad. You have to spend time and money, which no one likes. Having written an action plan, you will see what is missing, where additional transport, driver or a tour guide will be needed. 

It seems that organizing such an event will require a lot of time and effort. For this you have Lioncom. We know all the nuances and features of the organization of incentive tours, will tell you when, where and how much it will cost you. We will come up with a clear plan, write down a program and share the secrets of a successful trip.