MICE events are various business trips that can solve a number of problems. Among them are participation in exhibitions, conferences, meetings with customers and partners, the opportunity to promote the brand and encourage employees. In the framework of business tourism, you can learn, develop and increase competence.

MICE includes various formats of business events:

Such events bring much more benefit to the company or brand than a regular working trip.

Why MICE Events

MICE events are distinguished from standard business trips by a rich program, because business meetings are complemented by entertainment events, seminars, and excursions. Such trips successfully combine work and vacation.

With the help of such events, it is possible to solve a number of problems and achieve company’s goals.

You and your colleagues will have the opportunity to find new customers and chat with business partners.

Your company is advantageous to stand out from competitors and will cause trust and respect from employees and partners, which, consequently, will increase its credibility and prestige.

MICE-events will help to draw attention to the products of your company, which will serve as a kind of presentation and advertising for potential buyers and customers.

Such events help to develop the team spirit of employees, motivate them to achieve new heights and the ability to work for a common result.

Business travel is always an opportunity to learn something new and increase the competence of employees, to promote their personal and professional growth.

Features of the organization of MICE events

Lioncom agency knows how to organize MICE events, taking into account the characteristics of your company and your wishes.

The MICE organization includes:

The event will be in accordance with the declared format, and we will take care of all organizational issues.

Our agency will make sure that your trip and all the events within its framework are held at the highest level. We will choose a location, develop a program and work out the smallest details. Lioncom will organize an event that will help solve business issues and will become an excellent team building.