New Year is a time of miracles and countless corporate events. After a difficult year, everyone wants to relax, gain strength and have fun with colleagues in an informal setting.

Nowadays, everyone is trying to move away from boring parties and create a cool event in a new format. After all, the New Year corporate party is a great opportunity to improve the relationship in the team and solve existing problems. And we are ready to help you with this.

Lioncom event agency does not follow the rules, each time creating a new and unique event script that will certainly meet and exceed your expectations. 

New Year party scripts

Let’s have a look at some scenarios for the New Year corporate party. 

Traveling together is always a great idea. A New Year trip is a way of having a lot of fun and gaining new experiences. You will have the opportunity to get to know each other in an informal setting and be inspired by new tastes, smells and places.

Be creative. It could be a Disco-style party, with cool music and a dress code. Or you can have a stylized summer party with cocktails and dancing. There are so many options. You just need to decide what is right for you.

We all love watching old films during the New Year holidays. You can go further and have a movie night with all the employees of the company: in the cinema, on the big screen, with popcorn and a cool company. Having tried it once, you won’t notice how it becomes a new tradition of your company.

Everyone has the tradition of shopping before the New Year in search of the perfect Christmas tree and decorations. Try arranging a real master class where everyone can see how Christmas decorations are made and take a part in creating them. After the event, you will have an opportunity to exchange gifts with colleagues or decorate the office Christmas tree together.

Miracles can not only be seen but also created. New Year is exactly the time when you can help those who can not arrange a holiday on their own. You can buy toys and take them all together to the orphanage. Happy smiles of children will give unforgettable and incomparable emotions.

If you have a big company, it’s a great idea to rent a whole ice rink and have a small party with nice music and a small buffet. Invite a DJ, plan activities and the New Year corporate party will certainly succeed.

Reasons to organize a New Year corporate party

If earlier the corporate party was another reason to have fun, now, when planning an event, companies pursue completely different goals:

  1. A corporate party is an opportunity to summarise achievements, reward the best employees and discuss plans for the future.
  2. Through the corporate party, you can solve existing problems, unite your team and improve relationships within the company.
  3. A corporate party is also a way to increase motivation and inspire your colleagues. 

Organization of a New Year’s corporate party is not an easy task. But there is always a solution. We are a Ukrainian event agency, who knows how important it is to stop for a while and have a good rest. We will prepare the best corporate party, take into account all the details and give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy an unforgettable day.