Events dedicated to product launches are very popular. It’s good to look at the new smartphone at its presentation, but it’s much cooler to come and see it, to evaluate the new design and functions. Such events are an excellent marketing tool and an opportunity to attract potential buyers to increase sales.

Organization features

Before the event, it is very important to pay enough attention to its preparation and planning, so that the participants have the opportunity to plunge into the world of the brand and get the maximum benefit and pleasure.

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1. Choose a date.

Choose a date that is optimal and will not coincide with national holidays. This way you will have the opportunity to gather as many people as possible.

2. Run an advertisement.

In order to spread information about the upcoming event and attract visitors, it is very important to launch advertising. These can be banners, posters, email newsletters and social media ads.

3. Find and book the host and technical contractors.

It is important to choose the right host who will create an atmosphere and conduct activities. Alternatively, you can invite a famous or media personality. This will attract more people and work as additional advertising.

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It is also important to book technical contractors who will adjust the sound, light and install all the necessary decor. Pay maximum attention to the transfer of technical instructions, because different locations require different things.

4. Organize contests and prizes.

Guests of such events want not only to learn about the benefits of the product but also get a profitable offer to buy or participate in various competitions. Think in advance of a program that will include entertainment, goodies and prizes.

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Having worked out every detail, you can proceed to writing the script.

Event scenario

The scenario of the event is a very important component of competent planning. Before the event begins, it is necessary to note down each item of its program.

1. It is important to include everything related to the host: his text and activity scripts of competitions. The more detailed the instructions, the easier it will be for him. Discuss everything with the host in advance in order to eliminate any misunderstandings.

2. Terms and conditions, as well as the process of the prize drawing, should be as detailed as possible. The host of the event should understand how everything will be held, and the guests should know on what conditions and what needs to be done to participate.

3. A technical instruction with everything related to the adjustment of light, sound and decor should be written and provided to contractors.

Describe each item in order to understand the sequence of all activities and avoid unnecessary hitches on the day of the event.

Why should you choose Lioncom to organize the event?

It’s very difficult to organize such an event on the occasion of the product launch on your own, taking into account all the details and features of your company. In order for the event to go smoothly, you can entrust the organization to the professionals — Lioncom event agency, which is doing events in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.

What we promise:

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We will organize your event on a turnkey basis, taking into account all the nuances and features of your company. You only need to approve the estimate and enjoy an unforgettable day.