Nowadays, any event is an effective marketing tool. The organization of events helps clients to solve certain tasks and achieve various goals. Therefore, the percentage of requests for effective events is quite high, due to the possibility of the closest contact with the target audience.

Such events also include presentations of goods and services. Presentation is an important stage that demonstrates the product for the first time and is aimed at making people buy it. Such events can be held in shopping centers, conference rooms, and pavilions in front of tens and hundreds of guests.

The event agency Lioncom knows how to organize an effective event and will be happy to help you with this.

Site Preparation

Product presentations are an integral part of the sales process. The basis of a successful organization is a thorough and proper preparation for its implementation.

A place for holding a presentation can be as conceptual as possible or, vice versa, very creative. It can be a conference room, a business center, a museum, an airport or a shopping center. It all depends on the tasks and the concept of the future presentation.

Creating a presentation program

Based on what is planned to be presented, the main concept of the entire presentation is being created. After all, the presentation of the new smartphone model will differ from the presentation of the spring clothing collection. The presentation should be built taking into account the characteristics of the audience, its level of awareness, product knowledge, and attitude to the brand.

The program of the event is a detailed plan, from the beginning to the end of the presentation. This is the time of arrival of all guests and serving snacks, the presentation of the product itself, and the performance of directors or invited stars. This is a minute-by-minute program to ensure that the event is held at the highest level without unnecessary hitches.

Staff selection

Choosing the right people is half the battle. After all, everything should be perfect at the presentation: hostesses greet the guests, the host creates the right atmosphere, waiters deliver snacks and drinks, and a DJ sets the mood of the event. Do not forget about the photographer who will provide a vivid photo report, which is simply necessary for the memory of a successful event.

Informing the guests

If you are planning an open presentation, where anyone can come, it is worth informing a maximum number of interested people through social networks and advertising.

If the event is planned to be closed and the entrance will be by invitation only, it is necessary to contact key guests and influencers, whose presence is desirable at the presentation and obtain their agreement to be there; compile a press release and send it to the media and news agencies to provide information support for the event.

Why choose Lioncom event agency for organizing your next presentation?

The event agency Lioncom knows the secrets of organizing a successful presentation that will help you achieve the closest contact with the target audience.

Concentration of attention

This is an important stage at which all actions are focused on making the buyer interested in the product. You can focus on two models and demonstrate the features of each. This will allow the buyer to compare both products and choose their favorite.

Maintaining interest

As soon as the buyer is interested, the main thing is not to let him leave. It is worth talking about the unique properties of the product, supporting it with examples from personal experience, or paying attention to details that are not available in competitors’ products.

Necessity awareness

At this stage, it is very important to help the buyer realize that he needs your product. Find the weak spot of the client and push on it — understand what drives people when choosing a product.

Call to action

There one thing left, which is the purpose of the presentation — the sale of goods. If the client is not ready to buy right away, ask them to leave contact information, fill out a questionnaire, or get a promotion card. Your task is to leave them feeling that they have received something useful at the presentation.

The organization of such an event requires a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it is very important to properly delegate. We will find an approach to each client, select methods for presenting information based on the presentation concept and target audience and create effective methods for demonstrating the goods. Lioncom treats the organization of each event with love, which will not leave any customer indifferent.