A promotion is an event aimed at promoting and popularizing a brand.
Among the objectives of promotions are the following:

  • presentation of a new product or service;
  • increasing sales;
  • improving the image of the company;
  • increasing brand awareness.

Organizing and conducting a promotion includes a lot of details that are worth considering.

How to conduct a national promotion?

Before starting a promotion, you need to determine a product or a product line that you plan to promote. Then you need to do competent planning:

  • create a creative story as a reason for consumers to participate.
  • decide on the terms of the promotion and gift fund. The longer the promotion, the greater the gift pool. Gifts should be appropriate for the season, the target audience and be useful.
  • write the mechanics. When writing mechanics for national promotion, you need to follow its goals. If you want to increase the average check, then the amount for participation should be higher than the current one. If the goal is to increase sales, then there should be many daily gifts so that participants register more codes with a high frequency.
  • choose partners for the promotion, which means determining the retailer where it will be presented. It can be one network or several.
  • create a way of collecting data that should take into account the technical capabilities of consumers. It is necessary to give participants an opportunity to register both via SMS and on the site. Accordingly, you need to create a page with the ability to collect, verify, and process data.
  • write the official rules. This is one of the most important points of all the steps for organizing a national promotion. You can come up with a great creative plan for the action, negotiate with large retailers, but without official rules, all implementation becomes impossible.
  • write a prize draw script. It is necessary to write how the draws will take place, with what frequency and when the main prize will be awarded.
  • purchase a gift fund and determine the procedure for sending it. This includes purchasing, transportation, storage, organizing a warehouse, security control, collecting data for shipment, and much more.
  • launch an advertising campaign. Audio, video, and print resources should be launched no later than a week before the start of the national promotion.

And finally, launch a promotion! Press the red button to start the whole mechanism and enjoy the process (in case you entrusted the organization to Lioncom).

Promotion Scenarios

The forms of the promotion can be different, everything will depend on the goals and objectives. Here are some of them:

  • presentation of goods;
  • announcement of possible prizes upon purchase;
  • distribution of advertising material (leaflets, booklets);
  • promotion of goods along with others (cross-promotion).

After choosing the appropriate format, it is worth writing the script in detail, taking into account all the small features.

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