A promotion is an event aimed at promoting and popularizing a brand.
Among the objectives of promotions are the following:

Organizing and conducting a promotion includes a lot of details that are worth considering.

How to conduct a national promotion?

Before starting a promotion, you need to determine a product or a product line that you plan to promote. Then you need to do competent planning:

And finally, launch a promotion! Press the red button to start the whole mechanism and enjoy the process (in case you entrusted the organization to Lioncom).

Promotion Scenarios

The forms of the promotion can be different, everything will depend on the goals and objectives. Here are some of them:

After choosing the appropriate format, it is worth writing the script in detail, taking into account all the small features.

Why choose Lioncom for organizing national promotions?

The event agency Lioncom has experience in organizing all-Ukrainian promotions and each step has been verified by our own path, so we can help you organize a successful event.

We, as professionals in organizing national promotions, know all the pitfalls in writing official rules and can compose them correctly.

We will take all the processes of organization, planning and execution on ourselves to save you from unnecessary worries.