Various contests, lotteries, and prize draws always attract a large number of people who want to try their luck and get the prize. Companies in return have the opportunity to increase brand awareness and its products.

Among the main reasons for organizing prize draws:

But for the success of the prize draws, it is important to understand how to properly organize and conduct them so that everything goes at a high level.

How to organize a prize draw?

Let’s look at the main rules, which are important to consider and not to forget when organizing a prize draw.

  1. If the price of a gift is above the fourth part of the minimum wage, it is necessary to pay personal income tax which is 18%, and the military fee of 1.5%.
  2. If the price of a gift is below the fourth part of the minimum wage, then the gift is awarded without tax deduction.
  3. To make the draw a joyful event for the guests and maximize their loyalty, these taxes must be paid by the party that organizes the draw. We, as an agency that takes on the full cycle of the event, do this for our clients on our own. After the draw, our coordinator takes the TIN from the winner and signs the gift transfer certificate. Thus, our client does not need to worry about the accounting part.

When you figured out all the formalities, it’s time to move on to the scenarios of the prize draws.

Types of Prize Draw Scenarios

This type of draw is relevant when it is necessary to attract traffic to the store, create customer demand, as well as subject to the availability of a favorable price offer or a unique assortment of goods that must be advertised in a specific period of time.

The event takes place according to the system: make a purchase for a certain amount, fill out a form, throw it into the lottery drum. One check stands for 1 form. Thus, we create interest and excitement in making more than one purchase.

At the appointed time, when the registration is completed, the presenter calls for any child among the guests to pull out the winner’s name. The lucky one then is called out to take a memory photo and accept the prize.
If the prize draw is held not only among those present, the presenter calls on the speakerphone so that everyone can hear the winner.

Another draw option is online. This format is different and is suitable for long-term promotions with the ability to purchase both in the store and online. Often accompanied by an active advertising campaign, it takes place not locally, but on the network and has at stake one or more valuable prizes. Thus, applications are submitted through a special page on the site and make it possible to easily check all the data, eliminating errors when filling out manually.

This format is also a powerful generator of new warm contacts for further interaction with the database.

Why should you choose Lioncom for organizing a prize draw?

The organization of such events is not an easy task. It is necessary to take into account all the formal details and write the program of the draw itself. It is definitely a good choice to trust professionals. Lioncom Event Agency is here to make a perfect event.

Each prize draw is very important for the company. Therefore, our team has been honing this skill for many years, and our company is the guarantor of fair prize draws.

We gave away hundreds of pieces of equipment, various cars and more than a million hryvnias. Each event is always carried out according to strict rules and serves as a powerful tool on the path to high customer involvement in the brand of our clients. We will organize a prize draw in Kyiv or any other city of Ukraine, taking into account all your wishes.