In order to improve professional skills of employees, as well as acquire new knowledge, company management often allocates a considerable part of the budget for all kinds of training and masterclasses. In a short time, such events can increase the competence and effectiveness of employees, which subsequently affects the work of the entire organization.

The structure of events may include training and masterclasses in sales, time management, team building, and management in general. In order to increase efficiency, it is worth adding elements of games, quests and business simulations. Participants will be able to see their strengths, as well as those qualities that are worth improving.

Formats for organizing training and masterclasses

Training and masterclasses have their own formats, which differ from each other in content, duration, and results that must be achieved at the end.

Such a format includes new theory and its implementation in practice. Participants gain new knowledge, apply it and receive feedback in order to identify further development paths.

During such training, participants discuss their pros and cons along with development opportunities and resources. Participants are given situations that need to be solved using the proposed methods.

During the training, participants work on the analysis of their errors, difficult work situations and discuss the reasons for the success of competitors. In conclusion, everyone writes down their ambitious goals and a plan for achieving them.


Locations for the event are chosen depending on the number of participants and the duration of the event.

The co-working spaces will be a great idea for small workshops and training.

A conference room will be an ideal option for conducting training for a big audience.

Congress halls are suitable for events for a large number of participants. At such locations, there will be an opportunity to allocate space for thematic zones and zones for brainstorming.

Exhibition halls and pavilions are a multipurpose option for conducting training and masterclasses on a large scale.

Hotels normally have many conference rooms of various sizes. They are fully equipped with all the necessary technical equipment and have a well-zoned lounge area.

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