Step-by-step instructions for the grand opening of the store

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

Every year several dozen new shopping centers and shops are being opened in Ukraine. For buyers, it’s a plus to the list of places to visit, while for entrepreneurs, it’s a long way from the first idea to the grand opening which should be bright and memorable. It should have nice bonuses, contests, and a stylish photo zone which will certainly allow the brand to stand out from the competitors.

How to organize a store grand opening and where to start? If earlier it was enough to decorate everything with balloons and put the sign “We are open”, nowadays no one is looking for easy ways. The celebration needs to be bright, unique and very Instagram-like because the more posts on social networks, the more interest, and potential buyers. Let’s find out what secrets exist and how effectively organize a grand opening.

Tasty idea and concept

It all starts with the idea and its relevance to the main concept of your store. Making a detailed plan of the event and writing a script is very important. It is worth writing down each item starting from the estimated budget, the exact date of the planned event, and the design details. After all, the cool decor will draw the attention of buyers, a stylish photo zone will convince to make a lot of fun content, an attractive host will make sure the guests are having fun, a prize draw will be a great motivation, and a list of small activities and goodies will attract both children and adults.

Preparing the best event

There is already a clear plan and vision for the day of the event, the only thing left to do is the preparation so that the opening turns out bright and memorable. Lioncom will share where to start and what not to forget so that everything goes at the highest level.

1.Book a technical contractor

In order for the event to take place without hitch, the sound and lighting to be prepared on time, and for you to have cool photos and videos after, you need to find the right people. It is not worth delaying for the last day — it is better to look for good specialists in advance.

2. Rent decor

The decor is an integral part when it comes to grand openings. You need something bright and memorable, and the corresponding decor will cope with this task with a bang.

3. Choose a catering company

Small delicacies and a glass of champagne in honor of the opening will be a pleasant addition and will make it possible for every guest to feel like a part of the festive event.

4. Choose hosts and animators

A good host will attract customers and maintain the general atmosphere of the event, hold contests and present long-awaited gifts.

5. Prepare entertainment

Before the event, it is worth considering the details of all contests and prize draws, as well as preparing gifts, so that there are no unnecessary hitches on the day of opening, and all activities are completed on time and according to the plan.

Let’s start the event!

On the day of the event, everything should be perfect. Mounting. Dismantling. Soundcheck. The main action. And after the event is over, everyone should have a pleasant aftertaste. Therefore, it is very important to work out the details that will create a pleasant experience for each guest.

You can spend more than one day fulfilling all of the above points, or you can just concentrate on the main thing — sales, and entrust everything else to professionals. Lioncom knows how to create events, always acts in your interests, and organizes every event on a turn-key basis. After all, the most important thing for us is to create an unforgettable first impression for your brand and increase customer loyalty. And you will have the opportunity to enjoy a great day and an enchanting grand opening.