“The most important thing is that the whole team is on the same wave” – an interview with Marina Sadykova for the Lentochka company

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

The executive director of the Lioncom event agency, Marina Sadykova, lives and works in a never-ending festive stream. Just the other day, there was a charity festival, where Lioncom acted as a co-organizer and the next day there was a start of the next big project. And all of the 365 days a year they work hard and organize events.

Why events? Is this a state of mind or is it taught in some institutions?

I was taught at the institute how to deal with violators of the law, but fortunately, I pretty quickly realized that it wasn’t my things and went to work in a completely different sphere. Therefore, for me, events are a state of mind.

What is the most important thing in your business?

As in any other business, the most important thing is that the client is satisfied, and in my case, also the clients of my client.

The best event agency in the world – sounds great! Is it a positioning or a mantra?

These are customer reviews :).

And how do you work with dissatisfied customers?

In our company, we try to prevent possible negativity from the client and identify weak places even before the start of the project. Fortunately, we hold 300 events a year and all the problem areas are not new to us for a long time, so we know how to avoid negativity.

Wow! 300 a year is a large number! Although, judging by the photo on the site, your team cannot be called large. How do you deal with such a volume?

In fact, there are more of us, we just don’t have time to photograph everyone in the right style. In March of this year, the head office of the company has moved to Kyiv, in this regard, we are recruiting new employees for the Kyiv office. But, given that the “hot working season” has begun in September, do not wait for photos of new employees this year.

Lioncom is a Ukrainian marketing communications agency that has been operating since 2007. The company organizes 937 grand openings throughout the country. The agency mainly specializes in retail events.

And who will you never hire?

We take to our team people who are close in spirit. For me, the most important thing is that the whole team is on the same wave. Sometimes we make mistakes, but most often at the first interview, it becomes clear whether they are with us or not.

What are you most afraid of when embarking on a new project?

I’m afraid not to foresee something. Each event consists of tens to hundreds of items: personnel, equipment, supplies, animators, hosts, musicians, permits, gift collections, clear timing and much more. Fortunately, fears remain fears.

What are the main rules that absolutely all employees of your company need to follow?

  • Do more than expected from you.
  • Do better than you did last time.
  • Enjoy your work.
  • We are with the client in the same boat.

It is difficult to surprise the audience. Everyone has already seen everything. Balloons and clowns? Does it still work? How do you deal with a worldly-wise audience?

Have you ever seen how many joyful emotions a regular balloon brings to any child? Events will never be ordinary or boring. This is confirmed by thousands of smiles and glowing eyes at each of our events. At such moments we understand that we are doing the right thing.

If 1 million dollars suddenly appeared at your disposal, how would you use it?

Appetite comes with eating, as does ambition. Once I didn’t know what to do with several thousand hryvnias :). Therefore, when this happens, I will definitely give you a second interview.

According to the site: lentochka.ua