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The video report is required for a demonstration of the approach. Such a format is more likely to demonstrate the dynamism of nature, the essence of what is needed. We don’t write a script - every shot shows real emotions. Our video recordings are the mainstream of your reference, which captures the most important and significant moments.
We are happy to provide a pre-production process, a shooting process and post-production. Our team will go to any place in Ukraine to capture the perfect moment.


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We have dozens of satisfied customers whom we created video activity reports. For each video, you need to come up with a concept and pick up a technique to shoot; discuss and agree on the terms, sign contracts, make payments. It is necessary to control the shooting group and the whole process before, during and after the event which is difficult and time-consuming. To avoid this, just contact us. We have everything: professionals, extensive experience and love of work we do. We are located in Kiev, but we can shoot at different events in Ukraine at the same time, which is why we are chosen by the following companies to create video reports:

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Capturing video is a time consuming process and requires preliminary preparation. We come to the scene to understand how to shoot, prescribe the technical specification for the operator and the required personnel. We also agree on the details of future work: what should be the message and what we should focus on.

Depending on the scope and scale of the event, auxiliary technicians and relevant specialists are involved in the work. It is important to understand whether there will be an interview, whether you will need to shoot with a quadcopter. The main goal at this stage is to gather quality and diverse material from the event.

We respect the copyright of the artists, so we have a music license for every video project. Thanks to it, you can easily publish a report on the site or on social networks, or use it for advertising and presentations. We choose the music based on the mood of the project and make sure this is exactly what you want.

All the footage is processed and mounted in the finished film according to the tempo of the selected music. The specialist processes the sound of the footage: removes noise, evens out the volume. Selects the most expressive frames to preserve the atmosphere of the event.

We make a list of edits from our team and from the customer's team, after which we send a video report for editing. The video editor modifies the project as desired. We are focused on the performance of the finished video and we want it not just to be good but to exceed all expectations.

The end result is only visible after correction. After full approval of the finished video, the installer adds atmosphere and quality to the image with the help. Color correction helps to get rid of overexposure, adds contrast and expressiveness to frames.

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