What is a stream? What are the new opportunities in event agencies?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom

The future is after technology. The event industry is no exception. Using innovative technologies will help ensure the desired wow-effect, which increases the emotional component of the event, brand loyalty, and audience engagement. Lioncom will tell about the most popular trends that are already actively used at various events.


What is a stream? Stream refers to the format of the presentation of entertainment and information content on various Internet sites. Such a live broadcast can be a great tool to attract the attention of the public, regardless of the location. In the difficult business of promoting events, the participants themselves now come to the aid of the organizers. Through live streaming, they can increase the engagement and number of participants in any event.

Video and photo content on a commercial event

Video and photo content is a way of showing the event and sharing its highlights. After all, it is not enough to say that the event was successful, better to show it. Its videos and photographs are direct evidence of a successful event. If guests are having fun, they will definitely have things to share on social media. Encourage participants to share video and photo content using hashtags and agency tags.

Although using social networks for promotion and advertising is unlikely to surprise anyone, it’s too early to write them off from the accounts of the event market. Any event with its own page in social media is gaining great popularity. Themed hashtags are also a great way of increasing awareness and strengthening the promotion of the event through various social networks. There are benefits for both guests and event agencies. Participants are happy to share a photo report from the event, and word of mouth is triggered for the event agency, hence, its product becomes recognizable.

Streams as a tool for effective events

Facebook and Instagram love streams. Use this. Klaus Vaise, a managing director of Serviceplan PR & Content, says online video performance is comparable to traditional television at a much lower cost for contacting the target audience. You can stream the day before the event. This will foster interest, and you will have the opportunity to gather a rather big audience. The stream is a great way to show an event without editing and processing. The viewer will see how everything goes, feel the atmosphere, evaluate the work of the host in real time. You can go further and organize an online live contest for the participants of the stream. Such actions will certainly attract more audiences.

For all the simplicity of the streams, there are a couple of things you should not forget about before starting streaming. Check the quality of sound and image. The viewers should like what they see. Take into account all the details of the process and do not forget about the main purpose of the stream. The correct and thoughtful approach will surely pay off.

To ensure that the event is not only successful but also leaves pleasant memories after, do not forget about high-quality video and photo content. Indeed, modern technologies nowadays make it possible to simplify many processes and make events more vivid, effective and memorable.