Why did the Foxtrot’s opening turn out to be spectacular?

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Открытие магазина техники Фокстрот

Client: Foxtrot
Preparation time: 1 month
Period: October 12-15, 2018
Location: Kyiv, Lavina Mall

The four-day opening of the Foxtrot store in Lavina Mall was really unforgettable. Lioncom is ready to share its skill in creating a spectacular project and receiving many positive reviews from the clients and guests of the event.


Thanks to the necessary proportions of philology and fantasy, any part of speech can be transformed into a verb. Turn events into action. Give preference to dynamics. Guests are more likely to overflow with delight at the sight of a marching orchestra of drummers.

The show is a marker of festivity, a fast fun in the world of quick event carbohydrates. The orchestra cannot replace the main components of the opening, but it will completely attract attention and dose guests with solemn euphoria. It’s like starting a fabulous lunch with a cake – slightly irrational, but great. The effect of light admiration is guaranteed.

Emphasis on decor

Not always the budget or the project concept allows you to deeply and extensively work out the decor. A frequent choice of clients is minimalism, which we love and respect, finding our advantages in it. But deep down we always dream of big and massive events, which will be remembered for a long period of time.

The opening of the Foxtrot is a celebration for the decorator, a serious installation for the organizer, an ideal atmosphere for the photographer, and an object of admiration for the guests. An already beloved telephone booth and guards in impeccable dress uniforms, books, and typewriters stylized in the British atmosphere of the event and a luminous photo zone that perfectly complements the red Foxtrot composition. It is worth investing on a large scale. Do not stop surprising. Add items. Details evoke the desire to look and admire.

Among the organizers, there is a special sign: the more times the decor on our project will be photographed, the more projects with this client are waiting for Lioncom this year.


Everybody dreams of Disneyland or a carefree ride on a roller coaster, getting stupid snapshots of screaming in the delight of themselves. We like Ferris wheels because they always turn out well in the photo. Turn the event into an adventure. Coney Island in the middle of the mall. Arrange an amusement park amidst the daily routine. Attractions at the opening are guaranteed to increase the traffic of visitors to the event.

Let it be interesting during your event. And the ideal option is to combine entertainment with photogenicity. The golf course in Foxtrot is not the first project to attract the attention of guests. It is never empty: people play, or intently pose with a club in their hands in the name of the aesthetics of stylish pictures.

In order to make the opening of Foxtrot to be spectacular and memorable, Lioncom organized:

  • decor;
  • golf course entertainment area;
  • stylized space for a photo session;
  • drummer orchestra show;
  • prizes.

Enthusiastic guests are what we strive for by organizing every new event.