“Zhuk” Grand Opening

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Відкриття магазину ЖЖУК в Одесі

If it were a distant story, a thing of the past, then a bell would ring over the old door or metal tubes would flow creating a melody. But this story happened in our times. Automatic doors opened and let in the warmth of the event, without waiting for the summer to be replaced by autumn coolness. The grand opening of the Zhuk gadget store captured the Odessa summer, safely preserving it until today. We are extremely lucky to work with clients who love their job. And the grand opening of Zhuk is a vivid example of this. Therefore, talking about this project, we are proud of our customers and are overwhelmed with undisguised delight.

The doors that we open, each time lead us into unknown distances, too unusual for reality. When we do a child-centered event, it seems to simultaneously open the doors to Wonderland, Narnia, and all the possible universes. For adults, these worlds are tightly locked. Well, since our specialization is grand openings, you have already guessed who has all the keys. At the Zhuk opening, there were many children who, inspired by a love of unusualness, led their beloved adults by the hand to take photos with super-heroes of the MARVEL and DC universe. And in the universe of events, there was no place for monochrome everyday life. A pop art photo zone created a color scheme of moods, which was added by a bright transformation of kids using face painting.

As brave comic book characters would say: it turned out to be “Wow!” “Cool!” and “Boom!”. And the Lioncom team is always ready for the pursuit of emotions, together with its customers turning into the heroes of the event universe. This story is about the main thing – whose door you knocked on. There can be something amazing behind each of them. And we are ready to solemnly open the doors every single day.