We are so different, but equally passionately in love with life. Our common hobby is festive events every day!



The founder and permanent director of the company. Specialist in marketing planning, analyst, consultant and just the most responsive and cheerful leader. Lioncom is together with him since 2007.



Marina is a real guru in event organization - from planning to implementation. Projects under her leadership are always at the highest level. She is together with us since 2010.


Head of project department

When you need not just a coordinator on a project, but a person who controls everything and everyone - Kate shows up. Once you work with her - you won’t give her up for anyone else! She is together with us since 2016.


Account manager

It is thanks to Zachary that the most active events are organized. It is Zachary who always has the craziest ideas. He is the charge of energy and creativity in the company. He is together with us since 2016.


Project manager

The clients’ favorite – Margo. Every time our clients start a conversation with Rita, they can’t get enough of it. Rita organizes projects at a speed unachievable for Flash. She is together with us since 2011.


Chief Accountant

Probably the best accountant in history. Nothing is impossible if there is a case, if there is a law, rules and regulations. Together with us since 2010.


Lead IT Specialist

When something on the computer does not turn on, it is enough for us to say the magic word “Igor”. Thanks to Igor, the site, the crm-system and telephony are still working. Together with us since 2017.