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The main components of the event

The idea

Let's develop an idea that will reflect the essence of the company in the best way, create a visual concept and write a script to open

The presenter

Charismatic presenter will attract buyers and become the "face of the event"


Our decorators will give you better options for decorating the entrance and the ballroom

Drawing prizes

No one understands better than us in prize draws - this action will bring to the event a huge number of guests and buyers

Artists booking and stage

Artists and musicians will make your opening unforgettable and win the hearts of even the most discerning guests


The unusual photo zone will attract the attention of even those buyers who do not initially intend to attend the event


A team of professional animators will entertain visitors. Also in the festivities can participate pneumocolls, mimes, stilts and jugglers


People at grand openings are pleased to participate in themed workshops


Choose a decor based on the theme of the event and features of the store