Lioncom trip to Tenerife

Anton Sadykov

Anton Sadykov

CEO Lioncom
Команда Lioncom, Катерина Серлюк, Севіля Халікова, Захарій Сердюк, Марина Садикова, Антон Садиков, Маргарита Волокита, Юлія Лазикіна, Тимур Перьков

When we close our eyes and imagine the perfect work, we see the ocean and a cool crew on the deck of a snow-white yacht, proudly plowing the vast expanses of the Canary Islands. During the day we conquer volcanoes and fight with the headwind, in the evening we walk along the narrow post-sunset streets, and in between we drink sangria and laugh a lot. Then we open our eyes and realise that this is our work. According to such a scenario, Lioncom team went on their grand trip to Tenerife.

While you are already urgently looking through the vacancy section on the Lioncom website, we continue to lure into the world of events, sharing with you our love towards organizing them.

Being an event coordinator is not only sleepless nights, deadlines and overnight montages. This was indeed an integral part of our life throughout last year — we organized 602 events. We opened a shopping center and two residential complexes, lost track of the grand openings, organized presentations of the coolest models of sneakers and ultra-modern smartphones, came up with crazy promotions, wrote hundreds of scripts, held many thematic events, celebrated our customers’ birthday parties, and participated in large-scale festivals and created unforgettable projects in the middle of the field. That is why the super-team went on their well-deserved vacation.

Development is our main vector. Therefore, the team acquired the indispensable skills of managing a yacht, eating shrimps, avoiding splashes of dolphins, group posing in the photo and continuous enthusiasm. We are sure that all this will be useful to us in the future events. This is how a dream team building for the team that we could only dream about looks like.

Sometimes we forget that ten days can feel like a lifetime. During this time, someone can go on their first trip, meet 10 sunsets in the ocean, ride a yacht for the first time, see a flamingo, touch a shark (even through a glass), get completely wet in the dolphinarium, take a selfie on the Teide volcano, eat 10 kg of shrimps and at the same time manage to coordinate the night installation at locations over 5000 kilometers away and organize 19 more events. Real professionals can do anything. And the best company always supports them in this.

On the way back, we were only concerned about one thing — too large baggage of emotions that could not be packed into any luggage.

If you need advice on how to spend your perfect vacation, we will gladly share some useful tips.

  • Assemble a super-team of professionals who are ready to work day and night, in the office and on the ship, regardless of the days of the week and time zones.
  • Set a plan for 500 events per year.
  • Overfulfill the plan and organize 602 stunning events.
  • Buy 8 plane tickets, rent a yacht, plan a trip to the smallest details, as befits the real organizers.
  • Tell everyone “Surpriiiise”.
  • Take a team photo at the airport before setting off on the best journey of your life.
  • Enjoy every day spent with your team, regardless of location.

The love of work was the plot of the unforgettable journey of the Lioncom team to Tenerife. We are ready to make grandiose plans every other day, because it is a real pleasure to implement them with such a team. We continue to organize events, exceed expectations, set records and are already carefully considering the globe in search of a place for the next vacation. Where should we go next?