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Lioncom is the first truly specialized event-agency. Our specialization is organization of festive events: grand openings, presentations, prize drawings, thematic, corporate parties and public holidays.

We offer effective tools of marketing communications with target audience of clients, repeatedly tested on projects of different levels of complexity.

Lioncom is 11 years of experience and  2811* events and marketing programs. We provide services throughout Ukraine with the widest network of trained specialists around the country. See the professionalism of the Lioncom team for yourself at your next event.
* — as at September 10, 2018

Clients love to work with us!

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Our Services

We offer the widest range of services for the organization of celebrations and promotional events. Together with you we can organize an unforgettable event that can win the hearts of even the most demanding guests. We organize 90% of all projects "on a turn-key basis", so the only thing you will have to take care of is reconciliation and control. You will like the way we do our job, and you will never want to work with anyone else.

Grand Openings

Our specialization is where we are the real professionals. It is enough to just set a task - an effective and colorful opening.

Prize drawings

Nobody knows prize drawings better than us. We keep even the most hidden pitfalls under our control. In total, at our events guests have won prizes amounting to more than 15 million hryvnas.

Holiday-Themed Parties

We organize any theme party. New Year, Valentine's Day, Maslenitsa (pancake week), March 8, Easter, Constitution Day and Independence Day, September 1, Halloween etc. All of them!

Other Events

Grand openings and prize drawings are our "thing", but we also do other projects "on a turn-key basis". Among them there are corporate events, exhibitions, conferences and much more.


These companies trust us with the most valuable thing - the right to create the first impression!


  • Анастасия Климашевская Avatar
    Анастасия Климашевская

    Отличная компания, один из тех случаев когда вы понимаете друг друга и ты можешь не беспокоится за результат. Все прописано,... Читать полностью

    Igor  Fesenko Avatar
    Igor Fesenko

    Много раз работали на площадках, в разных составах и всегда была дружеская атмосфера, профессионализм на высочайшем уровне, спокойствие, организованность, точность... Читать полностью

    Валерій Марченко Avatar
    Валерій Марченко

    Якщо організацією вашого заходу займається Lioncom - можете бути впевнені, що все пройде на найвищому рівні. Кожен івент це... Читать полностью

  • Николай Матат Avatar
    Николай Матат

    Мощная Event организация, с которой на все 110% можно сотрудничать, так как слова совпадают с действиями.Отдельная огромная благодарность Екатерине Лосицкой,... Читать полностью

    Артур Пилипенко Avatar
    Артур Пилипенко

    Помогли ребятам с гиробордами и инструктором для проведения мероприятия. Отличная слаженная работа, все четко по плану) Надеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество=)... Читать полностью

    Александр Брянгин Avatar
    Александр Брянгин

    Мне, как ведущему, посчастливилось работать с этой замечательной компанией, где каждый проект это безусловно праздник и только позитивные эмоции !!)... Читать полностью

  • Denis Kuryanov Avatar
    Denis Kuryanov

    Сильная компания!

    Планирую сотрудничать в дальнейшем.

    Отдельное спасибо Екатерине Лосицкой за индивидуальный подход!

    Всем рекомендую! =)

    Konstantin Ozeroff Avatar
    Konstantin Ozeroff

    Команда в которой слова не расходятся с делом!! Смело можно рекомендовать для проведения различных мероприятий!!

    Sergey  Barbashin Avatar
    Sergey Barbashin

    Отличная команда, с которой всегда можно обратиться ! Приятно сотрудничать с профессионалами своего дела, которые, что немаловажно, получают удовольствие от... Читать полностью

  • Елена Алексеенко Avatar
    Елена Алексеенко

    Вся команда Amoreshop благодарит за отличный день 18.02.2017. Все было выполнено на высшем уровне. Спасибо,ребята,вы лучшие!!

    Roman Opolev Avatar
    Roman Opolev

    Открытие магазина "Samsung" 1.10.2016, город Чернигов.

    Компания LIONCOM показала на деле, что такое команда. Профессионалы своего дела. Креативный подход к открытию,... Читать полностью

    Ilya Mikhaylus Avatar
    Ilya Mikhaylus

    Начав работать вместе с агентством открытий Леонком, я понял что крупно попал! Попал на замечательного партнера! Сотрудничать с Антоном и... Читать полностью

  • Yana  Garanzha Avatar
    Yana Garanzha

    Открытие в Сумах маг. "Ватсонс"..., 29-30 января. Это были два незабываемых дня!

    Ребята организовали шикарный и незабываемый праздник для... Читать полностью

    Алексей Берков Avatar
    Алексей Берков

    Очень круто! Вот прям очень-приОчень!!! С ВАМИ работать каждый раз!!! Спасибо за сотрудничество!

    Aleksandr Stenkin Avatar
    Aleksandr Stenkin

    Рекомендую ЛЕОНКОМ как команду профессионалов, для которых работа - любимое дело и даже больше! Ребята, вы молодцы.

  • Alex Prokhorov Avatar
    Alex Prokhorov

    Как региональный менеджер Procter & Gamble я сотрудничал с Антоном и его компанией по многим проектам. Мы продвигали наши топовые... Читать полностью

    Olya Vynokurova Avatar
    Olya Vynokurova

    Наше любимое и уже родное агентство открытий. Организовывали нам открытие магазинов Арена как в Киеве, так и в регионах. Все... Читать полностью

    Olga Dynnik Avatar
    Olga Dynnik

    Ребята просто молодцы! Делали открытие магазина New Balance в ТРЦ "МОСТ-Сити", Днепропетровск. Все прошло на "ура" - качественно, весело, и... Читать полностью


We are so different, but equally passionately in love with life. Our common hobby is festive events every day!



The founder and permanent director of the company. Specialist in marketing planning, analyst, consultant and just the most responsive and cheerful leader. Lioncom is together with him since 2007.



Marina is a real guru in event organization - from planning to implementation. Projects under her leadership are always at the highest level. She is together with us since 2010.


Head of project department

When you need not just a coordinator on a project, but a person who controls everything and everyone - Kate shows up. Once you work with her - you won’t give her up for anyone else! She is together with us since 2016.


Account manager

It is thanks to Zachary that the most active events are organized. It is Zachary who always has the craziest ideas. He is the charge of energy and creativity in the company. He is together with us since 2016.


Account manager

Julia is never in a bad mood - an ideal event-organizer. Julia understands clients in an instant and organizes stunning events. She is together with us since 2017.


Project manager

The clients’ favorite – Margo. Every time our clients start a conversation with Rita, they can’t get enough of it. Rita organizes projects at a speed unachievable for Flash. She is together with us since 2011.


Project manager

If you need a specialist in peaceful resolution of any issues - Anton is at your service. In his hands any project goes with confidence and exactly according to plan. He is together with us since 2017.


Project manager

Nastya has projects of any scale and tasks of any complexity under her control. She can easily organize an exciting and bright event, which will leave a lot of emotions. She is together with us since 2018.

Our principles in work with employees allow us to achieve the highest goals and results!


    Find a way to amaze clients and customers of your clients in each new project!

    Make progress from project to project, grow professionally and personally!

    In any situation, play into clients’ hands, do everything possible to make the project perfect! Help your client solve the problems, even if it is not your responsibility area.

    Work with a smile and joy, otherwise you can go work for our competitors!

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Convenience and Safety

We want that while choosing from a variety of agencies on the market,
you’d opt for Lioncom, that's why we provide services with the guarantee
of the respect for the Laws of Ukraine and copyright.

Licensed music

We honor the copyrights of artists, therefore we have a license for musical accompaniment for each project of our company!

Real VAT payers

Our company is a VAT payer. We do not "optimize", which is why working with Lioncom is safe!

Legal support

We know the importance of correctly and legally organized prize drawings. Working with us you won’t need any additional legal service.

Accounting support

Do you know what taxes need to be assessed to organize a prize drawing? We know for sure, because we set them almost daily.

How to start working with us?

How to book an event in 3 steps

You will be more effective working with us. Having vast experience under our belt, we know how to solve all the unnecessary questions. So just follow the 3 steps on your way to the first project.

Make an order

Send an application at the bottom of the page. Write the name of the outlet, the planned date, the address of the event and your wishes. The more information - the better offer!

Agree on the Estimate

In the shortest time, we will prepare a detailed estimate of the project with a description of all the necessary parameters, and also send a presentation. All you need to do is to agree on it.


Our agency team will prepare an event, agree on the necessary parameters with engineering services, host the event and provide a high-quality photo report.

Still have any questions?

Choose a convenient channel - we are everywhere in touch

tel. +38044 392-9200