Our Team

From Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm, we act as ordinary employees, but as soon as the days of projects come, we put on badges and become the coordinators of the best events in Ukraine — an ideal team of superheroes.

  • We do more
    than you expect
  • Fun, creative and sometimes little bit crazy
  • Like-minded people who create what they believe in
  • With us it is transparently, honestly, the best


Anton Sadykov

CEO, founder & director

Марина Садикова

Marina Sadykova

Executive Director

Катерина Сердюк

Kate Serdyuk

Head of Project Department

Sevilla Khalikova Chief Accountant at Lioncom

Sevilya Halikova

Chief Accountant

Project Department

Маргарита Поводенко Project manager Леонком

Margarita Povodenko

Project manager

Євгенія Губрій Project manager Леонком

Evgeniya Gubriy

Project manager

Цимбалюк Тетяна координатор Леонком (Lioncom)

Tatiana Tsimbalyuk

Project manager

Account Department

Анна Рафальська Account-менеджер Леонком

Anna Rafalskaya

Account manager

Олексій Карлін Account-менеджер в Леонком (Lioncom)

Alexey Carlin

Account manager

Алена Петруньок Аccount-менеджер Леонком

Alyona Petrunyok

Account manager

Marketing Department

Данило Бєлоконь Інтернет маркетолог Леонком (Lioncom)

Danilo Belokon

Internet marketer

Юрій Поляков SMM-менеджер в Леонком (Lioncom)

Yuri Polyakov

SMM Manager

Corporate travels