1M from «Nasha Ryaba»

This year was a very busy year for the Lioncom team: we organized over 1300 events: prize draws, grand openings and corporate events. The last month of 2019 was perhaps the most vibrant and active of all, as our coordinators were able to host dozens of events around the country at the same time. We were rocking events, getting inspired and just having a great time.

But what we remembered the most was that through our joint efforts we were able to give away a large number of very cool prizes for the participants of the action, held with TM «Nasha Ryaba». The terms were very simple: to buy «Nasha Ryaba» products at the branded stores or ATB supermarkets, and register the code that was indicated on the check through the site or sms.

Every week, since November, our operators called each of 420 winners to tell the good news. More and more happy and satisfied people began to appear in Ukraine every week. The cool gifts included grills, blenders, multi-cookers, kitchen accessories and many other small household utensils from TM «Tefal» that are always useful, especially during New Year holidays.

Moreover, some lucky ones were able to get cash prizes that they can now spend on any New Year’s dream.

Before New Year’s Eve, on December 30, we gave away the most desirable UAH 1 000 000. We have selected the main winners of the event live. They received certificates worth UAH 500 and 100 thousand. The whole country seemed to be holding its breath. Another minute and in the “hands” of the presenter was a list of winners from the service Random.org. And then — an incredible moment when it was time to call and greet our lucky winners. In such moments, you realize that everything you do is worth it. In such moments, you realize that everything you do is worth it.

It was undoubtedly the best end of 2019. Many happy people, sincere smiles and Christmas mood. And in the meantime, we’re not planning to stop — as long as you are exchanging gifts, Lioncom is already preparing new projects of 2020. But this is already another story.

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