Bright Celebration of Kyiv Day: Autograph Session with FC Dynamo Legends at KLO Filling Stations

The Celebration of Kyiv Day is not only a time for exciting events and entertainment, but also an opportunity to honour those who have made our city even better. This year, FC Dynamo and the KLO filling station network congratulated Kyiv residents and guests of the city by organizing a joint event that created a warm holiday atmosphere and charged the audience with energy and positive emotions.

Meeting with the Legends and Young Talents of FC Dynamo

One of the highlights of the event was an autograph session with veterans and legends of FC Dynamo. Volodymyr Muntyan, Andriy Biba, Volodymyr Bezsonov and Volodymyr Onyshchenko are names that have become symbols in the history of their favorite club. They have inspired generations and continue to do so.

Alongside the legends was the new generation of FC Dynamo: Konstantin Vivcharenko, Denis Popov, Bogdan Lednev – young talents who are already writing new pages in the club’s history. The players stayed at the filling station for three hours, where everyone could meet them and take a photo.

Open Dialogue and Impressions

During the event, guests had the opportunity to ask questions to the club’s veterans and current players, discuss football and share their memories of Kyiv. Visitors learned about Volodymyr Muntyan’s favourite places in the city and Andriy Biba’s most memorable matches. Visitors could get autographs on any media, even on their favourite T-shirt.

Charity and Social Responsibility

The proceeds from the sale of products with the attributes of FC Dynamo and KLO were used for the needs of the army. It was not only an opportunity to get a valuable souvenir, but also to support an important cause, which underlines the social responsibility of the organisers.

The Atmosphere and Hospitality of KLO Flling Sations

The Kyiv Day was a great opportunity to introduce guests to the atmosphere and facilities of the filling station, where everyone could enjoy the designer interior and specially designed menu. There was something for everyone – from a glass of sparkling wine to a delicious snack.

The autograph session allowed Kyiv residents to get to know their favourite players and appreciate the hospitality and service of KLO filling stations. The event not only raised brand awareness but also attracted new customers, helping to strengthen the company’s positive image.

Dynamo’s autograph session emphasised the importance of social responsibility and left an unforgettable impression on the participants!

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