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Corporate Events Through Spain, Andorra, and France in motorhomes

Our journey began on February 17, 2019, when our team landed in Barcelona. We spent only one night there, and the next morning we were already actively loading into three houses on wheels, which became our means of transportation for…

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News Corporate Events Lioncom trip to Tenerife

When we close our eyes and imagine the perfect work, we see the ocean and a cool crew on the deck of a snow-white yacht, proudly plowing the vast expanses of the Canary Islands. During the day we conquer volcanoes…

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Corporate Events Rooftop Party — LIONCOM’s Birthday

This story is hard to believe. But we were there, and that is absolutely true. Once Anton and Marina had a dream. Difficult to believe it right away, but it happens with people in love, especially with those in love…

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