Field day in the company BizonTech

Around the expanse and freedom. Breathes deeply. A blush appears on the cheeks. Life abounds. Lioncom repeats the success of the field events. This time together with the BizonTech company. This field day turned out to be truly emotional and family.

Just imagine
Loud laughter sounds around happy people with sincere smiles. We are at a huge table in the courtyard of a hospitable house. Dinner at our best friend’s ranch. Strong handshakes and a warm, light sunset. The hayloft and an exhibition of the best agricultural technologies and means for agriculture, warmed up by summer days.

The best stories happen here. With those who know how to tell them.

And we have a story to tell you.

Could we assume that one day we will carry out inventories in the field? Probably not. Did we think we’d be building massive installations out of hay and wearing a cowboy hat at work? We could not dream of this. And that such a number of sensitive, kind people, who love their work with all their hearts, will become guests of the holiday? A definite and unconditional “Yes!” Our clients never cease to amaze us, expanding the scope of Lioncom, helping to discover new facets of our favorite work.

I would like to invite a writer to such events, who, watching the grandiose triumph of the soul, will not miss a word, putting on every emotion in capacious phrases, writing off letters, turning moments into eternity.

We do not know how to grow different crops, increase land fertility and harvest. But we know that this work must be respected. After all, the wealth of our country is the Ukrainian land. Our pride. Only it’s not about black soil and weather conditions. After all, in fact, people are more valuable than any wealth. And Lioncom is ready to make dozens, hundreds, thousands of events for Ukrainian people to see smiles on their faces, to hear laughter coming from their very souls.

The lyrical digression is interrupted by the amazing smell of barbecue. We can pronounce words as much as we like, but we have no right to stop the holiday, especially since we do not want to. Play, soul! Play, BisonTech! Play, field! Lioncom, together with the guests of the holiday, is carried out into a whirlwind of emotions and a friendly round dance, singing songs, remembering the best projects this summer.

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